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What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit television – commonly known as CCTV – uses deliberately placed cameras to record and transmit live video images to a connected monitor or security hub of screens. This can be in the form of a continuous live feed, only when required, or as a serious of pictures recorded at specific time intervals. CCTV images are not openly transmitted, as it is a completely isolated feed from the normal television system. Typically, only security staff or those with permission will be able to access the surveillance footage.

What do we do?

ADS Digital provide a variety of CCTV installations for homes, businesses, large communal houses and commercial projects. Supplying surveillance systems for both outdoor and indoor conditions, we also offer comprehensive support and maintenance services and can integrate your CCTV system with Access Control.

The birth of CCTV…

CCTV Close Circuit Television Surveillance Camera Footage Security Video

German engineer Walter Bruch designed and installed the first ever CCTV system in 1942. Having previously developed revolutionary video technology for the Berlin Olympics, he successfully developed CCTV for the surveillance of V-2 rockets in Peenemünde, Germany. A commercial closed-circuit television system became available in the United States seven years later.

CCTV Today…

CCTV surveillance systems are now regularly used in shops, banks, casinos, businesses, public transport vehicles and on the streets. Although commonly used as a security system, CCTV can also be employed for safety purposes and is still used to observe rocket sites, environmental research and industrial plants.

The choice of CCTV camera and overall CCTV system has rapidly evolved as technology has advanced. Now using digital or even high definition video recorders, the images captured by a surveillance system are of a much higher quality and the recordings can last for years. Extra features have also developed such as powerful motion detection, sophisticated wireless set ups and remote control monitoring. It has become increasingly popular to integrate CCTV systems with labelling software or IP connections. IP-CCTV (otherwise known as mobile CCTV) enables the online storage and playback of images and can allow remote internet control of cameras.

Introduction to CCTV Cameras

CCTV Close Circuit Television Surveillance-Camera-Footage Security Video Dome

A vast range of CCTV cameras are available, providing different functions to suit specific requirements.

These can include:

    Rugged cameras, built to endure outdoor conditions, and meant to be seen as a method of crime prevention.
    Discreet cameras designed to fit naturally into a setting, thus removing pressure on those being observed. Particularly useful in shops where customers could be put off by a large CCTV presence.
    Remote control cameras built with vandal-resistant outer casing and can be controlled by multiple operators.
    IP-networked cameras, helping you to view images and control camera position remotely from your mobile phone, 3G Smart Phone or tablet.

ADS Expert CCTV Services

ADS Digital install a wide variety of CCTV systems in and around the London area, using the most resilient and reliable surveillance cameras on the market. Our experienced engineers can offer you expert advice on the most effective CCTV camera system for your requirements. We also offer fully integrated installations that could be used as part of your Access Control set up.

We have a successful background in Commercial Projects and offer a complete Maintenance Package in addition to our standard support and repair services. ADS also offer installation upgrade and maintenance services to customers using a CCTV installation that was not built by us. This would be subject to a full inspection and report of your current surveillance system, followed by a quotation.

Our Credentials

ADS hold voluntary memberships with the CAI, CSCS and Safe Contractor Schemes and have had our engineering labour and premises vetted and approved by these industry regulators. We have additionally passed tests of compliance with health and safety requirements and all of our engineers have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau. Fully insured and certified to work with extreme heights, ADS CCTV installers are selected and employed directly by us to ensure a high standard of installation work and a strictly unbiased service. Senior engineers have at least three years of specialised industry experience and our company has an extensive background providing work for large communal buildings and commercial projects.

To read more about our memberships with the CAI, CSCS and Safe Contractor Scheme, please view our Credentials Page.

ADS Customer Guarantee

All of our CCTV systems are guaranteed for twelve months from the date of installation. Should you experience any problem as a direct result of our engineering work, a senior installer will visit your site and any labour or equipment needed to fix the fault will be provided free of charge. Please see our Customer Service Policy for more information.

Always deliver! Having used ADS for both business and domestic premises requirements, we would absolutely recommend their staff and services. Quick, professional and thorough – they always deliver. Very trustworthy.

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