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If you’re looking for the latest TV without having to commit to a Sky TV package such as SkyQ, then BT TV could be the solution for you.

BT TV (formerly known as BT Vision) provides the latest and greatest digital TV content, from award-winning box sets and soaps alongside a huge range of sports entertainment. Add on to this an on-demand and recording service and you need never miss another episode or sports event again.

BT TV is a dual connection service. This means that in order to receive all the channels it has to offer, viewers will need both a digitally compatible aerial and internet connection. To be eligible for BT TV you must also sign up to the BT Broadband internet and phone service, as all connections must be made via BT’s official router.


What is BT Vision?

BT Vision is a combination of digital TV, a digital video recorder and includes a large collection of TV channels “on demand” over BT Broadband. You can find more details here

What does the BT Vision service offer?

  • The BT Vision V+ box – This stores up to 80 hours of TV with access to hours of online TV and films.
  • Over 120 TV channels and radio channels. 
  • As well as the standard live TV channels, you’ll also have access to films, sport (including Sky Sport and ESPN), and ‘catch-up TV’ which includes films, music, sports and kids programming. This is delivered via the Internet to your Vision+ box.
  • BT Vision allows you to watch a selection of TV shows from the last seven days (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5) 


In order to install BT Vision, the Home Hub has to be connected to both the BT Vision+ box and a phone line. 

If the Home Hub isn’t near the TV and a phone line, it’s best to use Home Plugs to send data over your home’s mains wiring.

Your BT Vision set-top box is connected to the TV via a SCART lead (Or HDMI lead), and to the BT Home Hub via a standard Ethernet RJ45 cable.

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