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DAB and FM Radio

ADS supplies and installs DAB Radio Aerial Systems for homes, large residency buildings and commercial complexes. 

DAB – or Digital Audio Broadcasting – offers listeners enhanced signal reception, greater ease of use and an opportunity to access a huge range of radio stations from all over the country.

We can fit or reposition external aerials on buildings of any height and location and will tailor our work to your requirements. Our specialised engineers also install DAB Multi-Room systems and offer a full alternative FM/AM Aerial Service.


DAB/FM Radio Installation

Supplying and installing a fantastic, high-quality DAB/FM radio experience is a challenging task. At ADS we strive to ensure that your DAB/FM radio installation gives you crystal clear audio in as many rooms in your house as possible.
We will work alongside you to ensure you get the coverage you need throughout your home. We will send one of our professional engineers out to discuss your requirements before any work begins. This will allow us to decide on the most suitable aerial for your DAB/FM radio installation.
Outside of the initial installation, we can also install signal boosters throughout your home to make sure your can get a signal no matter which room you are in.


If you’ve completely lost your radio signal or are experiencing reception break up, we can help.  

Our engineers will undertake a full diagnostic system health check right from the aerial unit at the top to the cabling and internal system parts. We will check your signal with specialist meters that tell us what’s happening. 

If you require any replacement parts we are nearly always able to supply and install this on the day from our well-stocked vehicles. Call us now! 

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