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Large TV Installation

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There's nothing quite like buying a new TV, especially when that TV is going to be the centrepiece for your new cinema or entertainment room.

One of the main problems people face when installing a brand new large TV is that they are difficult to manage with just one person. This is made more apparent when you try fitting a large TV to the wall, or into a recess that has been cut into the wall. Add in the complexity of wire management and giving the TV a discreet space within the room.

Take the risk out of large TV installations by calling ADS Digital, where our professional and friendly installers will be more than happy to ensure your TV gets the attention it deserves as the centrepiece of the room.



We do the fitting so you don't have to

When spending so much on TV you need to make sure it’s handled with the utmost care when unboxing and throughout the installation and setup process. 

Due to the complications behind wall mounting a TV of that size, we would perform a full site survey and evaluation. This will allow us to ensure we can hang the TV safely without damaging any existing cabling within the walls. We can also work in conjunction with other contractors should you want to mount the TV set back into the wall or a recess.

Finally, we also make sure that all cabling is correct, functional and hidden from view before the final fix, bracket and installation stage commences. 

We are proud of our ability to provide a quick and efficient large TV installation service which puts you first. We will make sure all works are carried out safely and to your satisfaction. If you're unsure whether your TV is classed as a large TV, not to worry, we also provide TV installations for home and commercial properties.

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