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Smart Home Installation

ADS Digital provides a leading Smart Home installation service in London and Hertfordshire. We are proud to offer our services to both private and commercial customers, designing the best Smart Home installations with up to date technologies.

We provide a variety of smart solutions including smart lighting, heating & home security. At ADS Digital, we have undertaken several successful home installation projects in the past years. Our aim as a business is to understand the exact requirements of our customers so we can deliver a premium installation service based on your exact specifications.

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What is a Smart Home?

The term “Smart Home” refers to a house or commercial building containing a network of devices all connected and communicating with each other. A smart home infrastructure allows you to remotely control different aspects of your home such as lighting and heating, monitor your usage and analyse historical data.

By installing a home automation system, you will effectively have control of your entire house at the touch of your finger. You can adjust your air conditioning or heating, control your TV and radio, switch appliances on & off, change the ambient level and colour of your lighting, and set your alarm and video surveillance from any room in your house or remotely from anywhere in the world.  

Switching to a centralised Smart Home system will help you reduce your energy consumption by enabling you to see just exactly how much energy you are using. You can also set your lights and CCTV cameras to activate with motion sensor technology, which will send you live footage and data directly to your phone. 

One of the key reasons our clients choose Smart Home technology is because it is incredibly convenient to combine all of the separate systems to a centralised one and to be able to control all aspects of their households with voice activation or mobile phones.

What are Smart Home devices?

The most popular choices for consumers are the Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. They vary in size and ability, from Google Minis and Echo Dots - personal assistants that can control your lights and play music on demand - to Google Home Hubs, capable of streaming YouTube videos and shuffling through your favourite personal photo galleries. 

For those interested in home security, Nest and Ring systems are popular options. Both technologies incorporate security cameras and smart doorbells, which notify you when someone is at your door and allow you to speak through the devices, enabling you to take in your parcels even when you’re not at home or warn off potential intruders. 

The Nest family of devices also includes a thermostat, which connects to all of the other smart devices in your home. The Nest thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home and set timers without needing to leave from the comfort of your sofa.

Smartthings devices include motion sensors that you can set to activate your lights when motion is detected, helping you to navigate throughout the home with ease and also identify if there are potential intruders.

Smartthings from Samsung also offer Multipurpose Sensors that you can fix to doors or cupboards sending an alert when motion is detected whilst you’re away or occupied. This proves particularly helpful to families with young children. 

Smart outlets, also available from Smartthings, enable you to switch off any appliances connected to power remotely, so you never again have to worry about that iron or hair straightener that you left on at home!

Philips Hue offers a range of smart lighting options, from white and coloured ambience light bulbs to outdoor wall lamps, coloured light strips and recessed, ceiling lights. 

A Philips Hue Hub brings all of the devices together which you are able to control with your voice, through their native mobile app or by using accessories such as smart light switches that you can carry around the home with you.
You can design routines that gradually turn your lights on in the morning, to help you wake up and dim them in the evening, forming a relaxing environment.

Netatmo Weather Stations allow you to monitor your environment by reporting the humidity levels, temperature and CO2 levels within your home, which you can link up to your thermostat and light devices. They will notify you when your CO2 levels rise by lighting up in different colours and send you a phone notification when your temperature drops. 

Whatever you might be after, there is a smart device out there that has you covered. We can all agree that we have enough on our minds on a day to day basis and Smart Home systems aim to make our lives easier by taking away the worry of having to remember to turn on the heating, set the alarms, close the shutters and switch off the lights on top of everything that comes with our daily lives.

Why should you choose ADS Digital for your Smart Home installation?

ADS Digital was established in 2007, and we have had the pleasure of providing our Smart Home installation services to businesses and homes in London and Hertfordshire for over a decade.

✔️ We are certified trusted traders and our business has been carefully vetted and is recommended on the “Checkatrade” website. In addition to this, we are registered with Trustmark, which means that we operate at a level that matches government standards. 

✔️ For complex projects such as smart home installations, we offer an additional Extended Maintenance Package, which will help keep up the maintenance of your home with quarterly checks, replacement of any parts and preventative work. 

✔️ We pride ourselves on our stellar trading practices and top range customer service, so what you think of our services really matter to us. If you find that any of our installations are faulty, you can contact us immediately and we will inspect your property within 48 hours as a part of our 12-month guarantee.  

✔️ All of our dedicated engineers receive up-to-date training and we hold a certified CAI+ status, meaning that we have been approved by the Confederation of Aerial Industries. 

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