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Control4 Installation

ADS Digital offers the ultimate home automation solution with Control4 - a unified smart home system to make all of your existing devices work together. We are proud to be using only the best in home automation and provide premium Control4 installation services in London and Hertfordshire.

By integrating a variety of smart solutions including lighting and climate control, home theatre systems, smartphones and tablets, ADS Digital provides a personalised experience that suits you and your lifestyle, providing you with the peace of mind you need to get on with your day. 

We have undertaken a number of successful home installation projects in the past and are committed to working with you to design a system that lives and breathes you. 

If you’re interested in our Control4 installation services, please call us on 0800 876 6258 or contact us online for a free quote.


What is Control4?

Control4 is a high-end complete home automation system that takes care of all of your needs. A complex system only available for installation via trusted and certified dealers, it connects with over 35,000 smart home devices of all kinds.

Through installing a Control4 system, you will gain control over your house with one integrated controller, helping you update the look of your home, improve its function, provide added security and incorporate energy efficiency.

The system allows you to control all areas of your home, including the outdoors, through smart lighting solutions such as lights being automatically adjusted based on the time of day, shutters and blinds being controlled based on the weather forecast and all controls being easily accessible on your phone and tablet. Other solutions include smart security systems with remotely accessible cameras, communication solutions allowing you to speak with anyone at your door through an intercom and entertainment solutions, giving you the ability to control all of your devices within one central system.

One of the key reasons our clients choose Control4 technology is because it is the most robust home automation system available on the market and, as trusted dealers, we are able to install and configure the entire system to the requirements of our clients with total control through mobile phones and voice assistants.

Our Control4 Installation Service

To get started, we recommend that you try the Control4 Product Planner, where you’ll be asked to answer a series of questions to help ascertain the scale of the project. You will be emailed with a suggested list of equipment and home or business setup ideas, which you can then take to a certified dealer to receive initial quotes.

Given the complexity of the system, a dealer will walk you through the entire installation process, but you will not be able to set up any of the devices yourself, so it is important that you are very clear about what it is exactly that you are looking for and voice your concerns if anything appears to work differently to what you expected. They will set up the hardware and configure everything on your system from software, compatible devices and specific settings and scenes, which could vary from room to room. Everything, however, needs to be done through the dealer as they’re the only people with access to your Control4 system.

There are some services that allow you to add layers of automation to your preset settings via IFTTT configuration, but the system is very much designed for those that are looking for someone else to come in and take care of it for them.

Why Choose us as your Certified Control4 Dealers

ADS Digital are proud to be Control4 certified, enabling us to provide home automation services to businesses and homes in London and Hertfordshire. We’ve been operating since 2007 and have decades of experience between us.

✔️ We are Checkatrade certified and comply with government standards
✔️ For complex projects such as Control4 installations, we offer additional cover in the form of an Extended Maintenance Package, which will help keep up the maintenance of your home. We will perform regular, quarterly checks to ensure your system works just the way it should
✔️ Your opinion matters - if you find that any of our installations are faulty, you can contact us immediately and we will inspect your property within 48 hours as a part of our 12-month guarantee. 
✔️ We provide top of the line customer service and expert advice to all of our customers and will work with you to make sure your automation system meets your expectations
✔️ All of our dedicated engineers receive up-to-date training and will be Health & Safety certified

Interested in hearing more about Control4 installation? Contact us online.

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