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An effective audio system delivers the ultimate enjoyment of music or television and can create the perfect atmosphere for customers in a variety of commercial settings. Impressive sound systems are now widely available to homes, businesses and commercial industries – offering a wide variety of choice to cater for your individual audio requirements.

Pro Audio equipment is available for home installation, providing you with professional high quality sound via popular technology such as Bose and Sonos. By combining surround sound systems with Flat Screen televisions or HDMI projectors, you can build impressive home theatres for incredible TV and film viewing in the comfort of your own house. Alternatively, home audio systems enable you to play your favourite music throughout the various rooms of your home and even outside in the garden.

Away from the home, corporate businesses can enhance their professionalism through clearly audible seminars and lectures using discreet wall or ceiling speakers. Nightclubs, gyms and bars can fine tune their acoustics, helping them to stay ahead of competitors by providing customers with incredible foreground sound. Background audio systems come with the benefits of easy multi-zone management by staff and sophisticated pre-programmed computer playlists. This helps to create the perfect environment in restaurants and pubs and additionally provides an efficient solution for integrating music with paging systems in shops.

ADS Sound System Installation Services

ADS Digital offer an expert Audio and AV system installation service, covering the complete range of audio options available to homes, businesses and commercial projects. Drawing upon our extensive experience and advanced knowledge of audio solutions, we work with each client to deliver the best sound system for your specific site, budget and requirements. We offer expertise working with all of the latest products of the top manufacturers, including popular Pro Audio systems such as Bose and Sonos.

Speaker Mounting Service

We install high quality speakers and subwoofers for a range of audio systems, using ideal placement for superb surround sound. Equipment is mounted securely for the utmost safety and we provide discreet installations including distributed ceiling speakers and in-wall loudspeakers.

Pro Audio Equipment And Surround Sound Systems

Pro Audio Services Audio Systems Music Television Surround Digital Sound

ADS install Pro Audio equipment for sophisticated surround sound systems in the home and commercial environment. We build advanced systems incorporating pro amplifiers, 100 volt line speaker systems, mixers, standard microphones and paging system microphones – all set up to fit the aesthetics of the room for the ultimate distribution of sound. Our specialised installers are experts in fitting Bose equipment and high end 7.1 surround sound systems with bespoke bass speakers and different power handlings.

Commercial Sound Systems

We deliver a variety of sound solutions tailored to nightclubs or live music venues and commercial industries such as bars, restaurants, leisure facilities and shops.

ADS engineers provide full audio systems for permanent concert or nightclub venues – incorporating finely tuned sound with plasma video and LED lighting displays. We additionally carry out noise management assessments, helping you to check your sound pressure conforms to safety license requirements and enabling you to implement control mechanisms. This specialised service delivers effective noise management without impacting your quality of sound.

Our commercial services include PA systems and Paging systems that will instantly shut down for emergency alerts. We set up full commercial sound systems for single rooms with volume controls installed wherever you request them to be stationed. ADS also install multi-zone audio control, enabling one or more music source to be transmitted to various parts of a building. This can be combined with paging systems or a computer-based background music player that allows you to pre-programme music and can automatically create playlists. Zoned management installations come with the added benefit of computer or remote control for ease of use by your staff. Some zoned systems can even be controlled via splash-proof wall or desktop-mounted screens.

Home Audio Systems

Home Audio Cinema Theater Audio Systems Music Television Surround Digital Sound

ADS Digital deliver impressive home surround sound systems that can be integrated as part of a home theatre set up. This includes the installation of professionally mounted in-wall and ceiling speakers for an ultra sleek appearance, plus popular Bose technology for quality of sound.

We also install multi-room audio systems, enabling you to stream music throughout your house. You can set up different volume levels in various rooms and can choose whether to play the same or different music from room to room. Multi-room home audio set ups can be controlled through an IPhone or Smart Phone. The latest Sonos technology goes one step further, mixing amplifiers and speakers with wireless internet control – facilitating music in your garden without the need to extend wires outside.

Full AV Solutions

ADS provide the effective integration of high quality audio with television packages and Visual Display Systems for complete Audio Visual Solutions. We also combine Pro audio set ups with the very latest computer programming software, automation installations and even lighting systems.

Pro Audio System Analysis

Audio Services Audio Systems Music Television Surround Digital Sound

ADS offer extensive experience working with a variety of Pro Audio, Surround Sound and advanced AV installations. We provide full inspection and analysis of any audio and AV system to ensure you are receiving the very highest performance and sound quality possible.

Audio Systems Maintenance and Upgrades

ADS Digital deliver full audio support and maintenance services for clients in London and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for an audio solution for a Pro Audio sound system in the home or an advanced commercial AV installation – our expert engineers will find and fix any faults that are affecting the working of your set up or the quality of sound production.

Promising a rapid 48 hour call out response, maintenance work can include replacing or remounting faulty speakers and correcting any integration problems with zoned systems or computer based music. ADS also provide efficient and reliable upgrades to Pro Audio installations and all other sound systems. Tailoring the design fully to your requirements, our expert upgrade service enables you to smoothly add new equipment into your system with minimal fuss and disruption. It additionally facilitates any expansion of your premises or change in layout. Audio systems are increasingly sophisticated – especially in the commercial environment. Providing quality sound is essential for live music venues, bars and nightclubs. It can also be a key service to attract and keep customers in gyms, restaurants and hotels. The ADS extended Maintenance Support Package is a popular purchase for commercial clients, as it provides further cover and continual maintenance for all audio and AV installations. This maintenance package delivers routine inspections and preventative maintenance work on aging or damaged parts before a larger problem develops. It additional features a free quotation service for any future work or upgrade.

ADS extend this package to all of our existing installation clients. We also offer this maintenance package to new clients with existing sound systems that were not built by us. However, this must follow a review of your site and a full written quotation.

Our Engineering Credentials

ADS Digital directly employ our own highly skilled engineers, following an obligatory Criminal Record Bureau check. This enables us to deliver installation work with an emphasis on quality engineering without any bias towards particular product providers. Our engineers offer extensive technical knowledge and receive regular training to keep them up to date with the most innovative systems and installation techniques. ADS installers are fully insured to work with extreme heights and experienced working on large public service buildings and commercial sites. Our senior engineers hold advanced qualifications and at least three years of industry experience. We have had our occupational competence and following of health and safety guidelines vetted and approved by all three of the main industry bodies – the CAI, CSCS and Safe Contractor scheme. We hold voluntary memberships with these engineering organisations. For more information, please view our Credentials Page.

ADS Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We cover all of our sound systems with a twelve month guarantee from the date of your installation. Should any problem develop as a direct result of our engineering work, we will repair the fault and provide any necessary replacement equipment at no extra cost. Please see our Customer Service Policy for more information.

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