HDMI Cabling and HDMI Projector System Installation

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HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. This innovative technology enables you to bring multimedia devices together, whilst providing the highest digital quality picture and audio transmission.

Supporting all computer and TV formats – including High Definition, 3D and standard or advanced digital – HDMI systems allow you to combine your computer and internet with the very latest High Definition television services, monitors, projectors, DVD facilities and speaker systems. As a result, you can set up advanced home or theatre systems with high definition quality for your ultimate entertainment. This includes streaming Internet TV and video onto larger monitors, without losing any picture quality. Businesses and schools can also deliver sophisticated presentations – projecting data from computers to bigger screens with maximum LED illumination for an impressive and professional look.

ADS Digital provide expert HDMI installation and maintenance services in London and the surrounding areas. Using various specifications of HDMI cabling to meet various bandwidth requirements, we design and build efficient home theatre systems with high definition output. ADS also install advanced audio and multiple-television set ups for commercial clients and HDMI projector systems for businesses and education facilities.


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HDMI was designed in 2002 as a means of providing a digital replacement for analogue video. It became available on the market in 2003 and over three billion HDMI devices were sold over the following decade. Receiving multiple awards for technical excellence, over 90% of digital TVs now include HDMI to support the growing move towards High Definition television and entertainment software.

HDMI cabling and DVI-HDMI adapters allow the smooth transmission of uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio from an HDMI-compatible source to an HDMI-compliant computer monitor, video projector, digital television or digital sound device. A consumer electronic control connection enables communication between your various devices – such as your television, computer and audio system – allowing you to control all of them simultaneously using one remote control.

Nineteen wires are contained in a single HDMI cable, helping to create compact installations for this sophisticated result. The digital signal is transmitted cleanly and efficiently according to your software and HDMI specification. Compliant signal boosters and equalisers can also be installed to enable data to pass through longer distances without weakening. HDMI cabling can carry five Gigabits per second, allowing the smooth transmission of multiple channels in high definition format. Eight audio channels can also be transmitted, enabling high quality surround sound. As HDMI technology is backwards compatible, it additionally supports older analogue devices.

ADS HDMI Installation

HDMI HD Cable Installation Services

ADS Digital deliver specialised HDMI installation services for a range of clients in London and the surrounding areas. We install all five standards of HDMI cabling – Standard, standard with Ethernet, Automotive, High Speed and High Speed with Ethernet – with various specifications to suit your specific project and bandwidth requirements.

ADS installers are experts in fixing connectors and carefully pulling cables, providing efficient HDMI home entertainment systems that deliver smooth signal transmission with minimal leakage for the highest quality picture and sound reception. We are also specialised in the design and building of advanced HDMI systems for commercial companies looking to install multiple TVs with HD or 3D picture quality and sophisticated Surround Sound Systems.

HDMI Projectors are an innovative way to project internet and computer data to larger viewing areas such as walls, fixed frames or manual pull down screens. This can enhance home entertainment, but also offers professionalism to businesses and effective educational resources for training centres, schools and universities. Offering enhanced brightness, vibrant colour and fantastic throw ratio for picture proportion – ADS install HDMI projection systems incorporating wall or ceiling mounts for permanent projector positioning.

HDMI Support and Maintenance Services

ADS Digital provide complete maintenance and support services to all of our HDMI installation clients. This includes a 48 hour rapid response to any call outs and expert technical advice. We additionally offer an extended Maintenance Support Package, which is a popular purchase of commercial companies and businesses. Providing quarterly routine checks of your HDMI installation and preventative maintenance work – this package gives you peace of mind that your system is being continually maintained for efficiency and performance. ADS also extend maintenance services to customers in and around London who may be experiencing problems with an existing HDMI system. In addition to our Maintenance Support Package, our specialised engineers can be called upon for a complete analysis of your HDMI installation. We provide repair work for obvious faults and can also find and fix uncovered problems or underperformance. This service requires an initial site visit and report, plus a written quotation.

Our Engineering Credentials

ADS Digital provide a carefully selected team of highly qualified engineers, who have been directly employed by our company following obligatory Criminal Record Bureau checks. Fully insured to work with extreme heights and accustomed to working on advanced business and commercial sites – our expert installers are supported by senior engineers with advanced qualifications and at least three years of industry experience.

ADS hold voluntary memberships with the top three regulatory engineering bodies – the CAI, CSCS and Safe Contractor scheme. These organisations have regularly assessed and certified our standard of work and following of health and safety guidelines, including our main premises and all of our vehicles. For more information about our memberships with these industry organisations, please view our Credentials Page.

ADS Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

ADS customers are covered by a twelve month satisfaction guarantee from the date of your installation. We will therefore provide a free solution – including any necessary equipment replacement – to any problem that should develop as a direct result of our engineering work. Please see our Customer Service Policy for more information.

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