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Modern visual technology provides an incredible range of flat screen LCD and Plasma TVs and quality projector screens, supporting the very latest High Definition and 3D formats. With television entertainment packages offering an incredible choice of programming – Blue Ray DVD players and the rise of Internet TV streaming has added even more options for your viewing pleasure. You can now set up incredibly sophisticated home theatres using wide screen televisions or advanced projector systems, alongside advanced pro audio speakers for incredible surround sound. Homes can additionally install multi-room systems to deliver television streaming around the home.

Businesses and commercial settings are also benefitting from the incredible range of AV systems that are currently available. Clear television screens efficiently mounted around your premises provide the ideal platform for effective advertising. Multiple screens with easy zoned management can also deliver an impressive television service to attract customers to your venue. Corporate industries and education or training facilities can utilise the very latest HDMI-integrated projector systems to vibrantly project data and internet content during slick and professional seminars.

ADS Visual Display System Installation

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ADS Digital provide the expert installation of a complete range of television, projector and visual display systems for clients in London and the surrounding areas. We happily extend our services to homes, businesses or commercial endeavours – using our extensive experience to build a visual system that will specifically suit your site, budget and requirements.

Our visual display services include…


ADS deliver a professional mounting service for Flat Screen, LCD and Plasma televisions of any size. We securely mount TVs onto walls, brick, stone and other surfaces and can safely position them above a fireplace. Offering flush, tilt and swing mount brackets – our specialised installers also design and build complete networks of televisions for commercial industries such as pubs, leisure facilities and hotels. We use the best equipment available to produce resilient fixtures and can help you select an ideal location for your television screens for maximum viewing pleasure or branded advertising.

ADS expert engineers can fully integrate television installations with Pro Audio Systems, forming complete AV solutions that deliver high quality surround sound. We also tune televisions to DVD or Blue Ray Players and can combine them with HDMI, internet facilities and TV entertainment packages including Sky, Digital Freeview, BT Vision, Youview, Virgin Cable, or FreeSat.


ADS provide multi-zone television installations with easy-to-use zoned management control. These advanced TV systems allow different programming to be shown in various parts of your building. This is particularly useful for pubs wishing to deliver a range of sports coverage throughout their venue. Multi-zone systems can be controlled through desktop computers or fixed splash-proof wall screens, which are resilient to commercial environments.


AV Audio Visual Solutions Displays Video Projectors

An extensive range of advanced LCD and HDMI projectors are currently available on the market. They are commonly used for home theatre installations and provide an ultra-professional setting for business presentations and seminars. With high resolution, vibrant colour and terrific throw ratio for picture proportion – HDMI projectors also permit quick connectivity to internet facilities and can accommodate multiple portable devices.

ADS Digital install video wall projection systems, in addition to 4:3 projector screens for businesses and 16:9 widescreens for home theatres. Using the latest technology available, we can install projectors for permanent position using discreet ceiling mounts. This ensures your projector will remain out of the way, whilst maximising brightness of picture due to downwards projection. ADS can install additional video conferencing mechanisms including discreet surround sound systems, interactive Smart boards or whiteboards and multiple radio microphones for enhanced quality of sound.

Full AV Solutions

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ADS combine high quality visual display set ups with the installation of Audio Systems and Pro Audio equipment for complete Audio Visual Solutions. We can also fully integrate AV systems with your internet facilities for Internet TV streaming, the latest HDMI Technology for high definition picture quality and CCTV Systems.

Visual Display Systems Repair and Upgrade Services

ADS Digital will review any television or visual display installation to make sure you are benefitting from the highest possible performance and picture quality from your system. Following a full site report and quotation, our specialised installers provide repairs for obvious problems and can find and fix any other faults that may be impacting efficiency and output. We provide full visual system solutions and deliver quality installation upgrades should you wish to incorporate new technology or expand your service.

Visual Audio Systems Maintenance Service

We want you to have the utmost confidence in the efficiency of your visual display system and to have peace of mind over the safe installation of television equipment. ADS therefore offer complete maintenance services, featuring a rapid 48 hour call out response should you have any concerns or require a quick repair.

Business and commercial clients use a variety of sophisticated visual systems, which often contribute towards their professional image and provide a key service for customers. Our extended Maintenance Support Package offers additional cover for these advanced AV installations, including quarterly routine system checks and preventative work to replace aging or faulty parts before they cause problems. A free quotation service is also incorporated in this package, should you require an upgrade to your visual set up – helping to keep you ahead of competition.

Our Engineering Credentials

ADS provides a team of highly skilled and experienced installers who are all fully insured, checked by the Criminal Record Bureau and qualified to work with extreme heights. Offering expertise working on large public service buildings and commercial sites, our senior engineers also come with advanced technical knowledge and at least three years of direct industry experience. As voluntary members of the CAI, CSCS and Safe Contractor Scheme, we can certify that our standards of engineering and following of health and safety guidelines have been vetted and approved by the top three industry regulators. For more information about our memberships with these engineering organisations, please view our Credentials Page.

ADS Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

ADS Digital care about the satisfaction of our customers. We therefore provide any necessary repair work at no extra cost should you experience any problems as a direct result of our work. This guarantee covers a fixed twelve month period from the date of your equipment installation. Please see our Customer Service Policy for more information.

Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
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