UHD / 4K TV Explained

Most people have now heard about 4K even if they are not exactly sure what this new iteration of television will offer them or how widely available it is. This year has seen a big push to move to this enhanced format, not just by the television manufacturers themselves, but by the broadcasters who want […]

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What uses Watt?

<img src=’https://www.adsdigital.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Matt-What-Uses-Watt-v.8.jpg’ alt=’What Uses Watt’ width=’600px’ border=’0′ /></br>Infographic Source: <a href=’https://www.adsdigital.co.uk/what-uses-watt/’>ADS Digital</a><br /> It’s easy to boil a kettle ten times before you finally manage to make a cup of tea. Perhaps the phone rang or maybe the bath overflowed. In well-developed countries, electricity is there for our convenience, and luckily so because life is […]

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How to Get Better Sound for Your TV with a Sound Bar

Technology is enhancing at a significant rate: video displays are thinning, picture quality is becoming as crisp and clear as real life, and now complete sound systems are available in one manageable bar. Because exterior devices are used so often to enhance the quality of sound, television manufacturers are placing less and less emphasis on […]

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How to Organise Your Cable Spaghetti Behind the TV

The modern day entertainment station has multiple electronic devices – games consoles, blu-ray/DVD player, Freeview box, speaker system – all requiring a minimum of two cables to operate. While your television may disguise the mess, when the time comes to tinker with the cables, it can be an absolute nightmare! Organising cables is a good […]

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How to Wire Your Home Theatre System

Wiring a modern home theatre is a complex and often frustrating task. While there are many factors to consider, though, you don’t need a highly skilled A/V installation professional to get the most out of your video and sound. This guide will take you through the process, from buying the right cables to routeing them […]

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Where to Position Your Speakers to Receive the Best Sound Quality

Good sound will make or break your home theatre experience. It’s one of the most important elements of achieving that cinematic feeling, yet probably the most overlooked. While most of us spend hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds on picture quality and satellite installation, few invest the same for good speakers. Musicians, sound engineers and foley […]

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