How to check if a TV aerial is working?
You can picture the scene. You’ve come in from a hard day’s work and fancy watching something on the box. Only to turn the TV on and nothing. Whilst...
Do I need an aerial for Freeview?
The short answer is yes you do need an aerial if you want to watch Freeview on your television. However, there are a few things you ought to check out...
How much will my aerial installation cost?
Our aerial installation cost starts from £120+VAT, but is dependent on a number of factors. These are the key things we’ll take into account when quoting the cost of your
Is aerial installation needed for freeview TV?
If you want to access Freeview, you need an aerial. And while this might sound like bad news for those who finally want to upgrade, the good news is...
How To Set Up Freeview
What is freeview? Freeview is the UK’s subscription-free digital terrestrial TV service, which you receive through an aerial. Available on compatible TVs, set-top boxes and PVRs (personal video recorders), Freeview...
Identifying TV Aerial Problems
From bad weather to damaged equipment and incompatible devices,find the solution to common TV aerial problems with an expert guide from ADS Digital. If the picture of your TV keeps...
How To Choose The Right Outdoor TV Aerial For Your Home
Buying the right outdoor tv aerial can be tricky and there’s a lot more to consider than just the price. When choosing your aerial you must think about everything from...


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