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CCTV Installation in London & Hertfordshire

Are you looking for CCTV installation in London or Hertfordshire? Here at ADS Digital, we have a specialist team of highly-trained engineers who offer an extensive range of domestic and commercial CCTV installations, tailored to meet your security needs. Contact us today on 0800 876 6258 or 020 3757 6167 to discuss your needs & get a free quote.

Having an efficient and expertly installed CCTV system can enable you to protect your own safety, as well as deterring criminals from entering your home or commercial property. 

Surveillance systems have been increasing security and public safety worldwide for over 40 years and have become so highly sophisticated that we are now able to control them remotely and can record and view footage in higher definition than we ever have before.  

ADS Digital will work closely with you to help you determine which system will be the best fit for your purposes, whether you are considering installing a wireless CCTV system for your house or a fully integrated system for your business.


Why should you choose ADS Digital to install your CCTV system?

Our office is based in Hertfordshire and we are proud to offer our services to its surrounding areas, including areas in London, Essex and many other locations. We specialise particularly in London CCTV installation services, but we have undertaken projects from all over the South of England.

✔️Our policy at ADS Digital is to ensure that you have the best customer service that can be given to all of our clients. This is why we offer a guarantee for 12 months on our labour, installations, equipment and system upgrades. If you encounter issues with your CCTV system or find that our parts are faulty, we operate a 48 hour call-out response throughout our covered areas in Hertfordshire and London to get your system back up and running in no time. 

✔️Our engineers have extensive experience in working within the AV, CCTV and security industries and have worked on complex projects for the public and government sectors. We believe that our excellent service comes from the experience of our engineers - between us we have over 160 years of it!
✔️We hold voluntary memberships with CEDIA, CSCS and Safe Contractor Scheme. In addition to this, we have achieved a CAI+ status, which means that all of our engineers are trained to meet the high standards of the Confederation of Aerial Industries. 

✔️ For our all of our clients, we offer an Extended Maintenance Package which can aid the protection of more advanced, primarily commercial CCTV installations with preventative maintenance work, replacement of faulty or aging parts and quarterly checks. 


What types of CCTV installation services do you offer?

Basic stand-alone fixed camera CCTV systems
Classic box cameras are durable, weather-resistant and provide high-quality recording. They come with the option of colour, long-range and night vision recording and are used as a method of crime prevention.

Covert CCTV systems
Discreet cameras feature in CCTV installations that are specifically designed to stay hidden. This helps to maintain a natural environment in the area being monitored, which could help you observe unusual activity and prevent your system discouraging customers in a commercial environment.

Remote CCTV systems
Remote CCTV systems allow cameras to be operated and monitored from other areas either on or off site by one or more observers. Cameras can be pointed towards any strange behaviour that has been spotted and feedback is instantly provided through an alarm or the shutting off of access points. Installations can also be built to provide a high level of electronic intruder detection.

IVS intelligent video systems
The latest intelligent CCTV systems include Heat Operated, Smart Zoom and IVS Human Detection cameras.

Wireless CCTV systems
Wireless CCTV cameras deliver aesthetically pleasing and discrete systems. Their sophisticated design uses digital technology to provide high-quality images and sound with an interference-free signal.

Fully integrated CCTV systems
CCTV installations can be fully integrated with an advanced system design to deliver CCTV analytics and extensive feedback. Surveillance systems can also be integrated with access control

All installations begin with a site survey to discuss requirements and budget. We provide a full written quotation, If you are happy to proceed we take a 50% deposit to pay for the equipment. The remaining 50% is due upon completion. 
We are more than happy to deal with clients or contractors directly, either way, we ensure the power, cabling and set up is correct before the second fix stages. 

We provide a 12 month warranty service on equipment and workmanship. 
We also have videos for installations. 

IP CCTV (or Internet Protocol CCTV) represents the next generation of closed-circuit television. Unlike older analogue systems that capture video and audio direct; IP CCTV transports the video and audio into digital data that can be transmitted over a controlled viewing device like a phone, TV or tablet device. 


What are the benefits of IP CCTV?

Flexibility: Because IP CCTV works in conjunction with a wireless network you can view your camera locations anytime day or night from anywhere via a smart device. 
Easy Installation: We can install both wireless and hard-wired systems which offer an easy and cost-effective solution should you not want unsightly cables running across your property. 
Superior Imaging and audio quality: The level of sound and imaging across the latest IP CCTV is incredible due to the digital nature of the setup. 
Integration with other systems: We can easily integrate your IP CCTV installation with your centralized TV set up.

Do you have any further questions about our home and commercial CCTV installation services? Call us today on 0800 876 6258 or 020 3757 6167.

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