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Access Control Installation

ADS Digital offer Access Control system installation services for the areas of London and Hertfordshire, along with many other locations in South England. We have a team of specialist engineers who focus on providing excellent customer service and creative solutions to all of your design and installation requirements. 

Access Control is mainly used for shared residential and commercial properties, and is the best way of securing your property along with your assets. Not only will you never have to change a lock again but also various devices can be issued to allow entry to doorways, easily disregarded if lost or stolen or just not returned. 

All installations begin with a site survey to discuss requirements and budget. Call us on 0800 876 6258 or 020 3757 6167 to have your site survey within 24 hours!


What is Access Control?

If you are thinking about ways in which to best secure your business, then you might want to consider the installation of an Access Control system. This restricts access within certain areas of your building, effectively allowing you to keep away unauthorised people while allowing those with authorisation access by specific control points. 

There are several key types of Access Control systems which can be installed depending on your security procedures and the type of organisation you run. During a call-out, our engineers will closely listen to your specifications and give you advice on logistics, equipment required and costing. We only undertake work when our clients are satisfied with our proposal, our goal is to match your targets, regardless of the size of your building. 

The three main factors of information authentication:

  • With a Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes or a Password/Passphrase 
  • Key cards or fobs
  • Biometric recognition

Access control systems allow the client to:

  • Provide a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors.
  • Identify who is in the building
  • Control access to highly secure areas

This is particularly useful if you have rooms that are off limits to the general public such as finance rooms, security rooms and private areas.

Our access control systems are flexible and installed exactly where you want, you can make sure that your system is completely bespoke to your needs. Once you have decided on the systems you need with our assistance we can design, install and fully maintain it. We are more than happy to deal directly with contractors or clients direct, either way, we ensure the power, cabling and set up is correct before the second fix stages. 

Why should you choose ADS Digital to install your Access Control system?

Our business was established in 2007 and we have had 12 years of extensive experience in security systems installations in London, Hertfordshire and other surrounding regions. 

✔️  We are certified CAI+ and CEDIA Members, which means that all of our talented engineers have been trained to meet government level standards. 

✔️ If any of our installations are found to be faulty, or if you are not happy with our service, we offer a 12-month guarantee on all of our labour and parts. Contact us and our rapid response team will be with you in 48 hours. 
✔️ In addition to our 12-month guarantee, we offer an Extended Maintenance Package to all of our clients. We find that this service is incredibly popular with customers who have more complex systems, as we will help you protect your security system installation with the replacement of dysfunctional parts, preventative maintenance works and checks every 3 months. 
✔️ Our engineers are qualified to work without any height restrictions, which means that we are able to work on a variety of buildings. We are also experts in providing installations for large commercial projects and have worked within the public and government sectors for several years. 
Would you like to hear more about our Access Control installation services? Our freephone number is 0800 876 6258. Call us today!

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