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Here at ADS, we believe that life isn’t all about work. Our aim is to ensure that others can benefit from our success.

One of the main priorities for us is to ensure that we support our staff with both their personal and professional endeavours; in our experience, this keeps staff motivated and focused on the pursuit of happiness.

A further priority for us is to do what we can for young people and UK-based charities desperately in need. Luckily, many of our staff ventures have crossed-over in support of some amazing charities.

In turn, we are proud to be able to support people from within the company out into the local community and afar.

Alex Kosh - Director

Runs London Marathon in 2013 for SPARKS. 
Registered Charity No. 1003825

Alex Kosh was one of our first directors to apply and run the London Marathon, setting the standard and leading by example to staff, family and friends alike. 

Alex decided to run for SPARKS after becoming a father for the second time that year (2013). During his wife’s stay in the hospital for the birth of their second child, it became apparent to Alex how much support is needed for babies in the first weeks of their lives. Alex undertook several months of training in order to demonstrate his commitment to the cause and raised thousands for the charity in doing so. Alex’s passion and perseverance subsequently inspired other staff members to undertake many such challenges for great causes. 

Sparks is a medical research charity with a specific focus on children and paediatric care. 

The critical research and care given and funded by SPARKS determine the futures of children and families alike when research treatment is their only hope. 

SPARKS raise money to fund pioneering child health research across the UK finding cures or treatment for children who desperately need them. 

A partner of Great Ormond Street Hospital, SPARKS support medical staff and scientists who have the passion and skills toward saving children’s lives forever.


Stevan Smith - Director

Ran London Marathon in 2013 for WHIZZ KIDS.
Registered Charity No. 802872

Ran London Marathon in 2015 for CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK.
Registered Charity No. 298405

Stevan Smith is an ADS director and veteran marathon runner. Having completed two London Marathons in 2013 and 2015 for Whizz Kids & Children with Cancer UK respectively, Stevan will be running again next year in 2019.

Stevan’s passion for running and all that is ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ has transpired into him raising thousands of pounds for both charities and becoming an inspiration to us all. 

A self-trained runner with no previous experience, Stevan has run the marathon in sub-four hour times and continues to train for further charitable events. 

With three children of his own and another due to be born this year, the children charities are very close to Stevan’s heart. 

‘Whizz Kids’ alternatively known as the charity for ‘The Movement for non-mobile children’ work tirelessly with the UK’s disabled children and their families. 


David Kosh - Director

Ran London Marathon in 2015 for CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK.
Registered Charity No. 298405

David Kosh is an ADS director with a determination to succeed like no other. 

Having had no previous running experience since the secondary school sports day events, David self-trained for the London Marathon in 2015 along with dear friend and fellow director Stevan Smith. 

Following a small knee injury at the beginning of his training, David undertook hours of preparation on a running machine that would be turning late into the night. His wife often woke to the sound of the belt and David’s sheer determination, which was later appreciated in his remarkable run time of 3 hours and 39 minutes. 

David, previously a children’s football coach organized a charity football event in 2015 alongside fellow runner and director Stevan Smith, which enabled them to raise thousands of pounds for Children with Cancer UK that year. 

‘Children with Cancer UK’ are the nations leading charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. 


David McGill - Installation Engineer

Ran London Marathon in 2017 for CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK.
Registered Charity No. 298405

David McGill is an Installation Engineer at ADS and is loved by all because of his wicked sense of humour and a huge heart to match. 

Having had no previous running experience at all, David self-trained for the 2017 London Marathon. 

David relishes any opportunity to support children’s charities; having a disabled daughter himself David understands whole-heartedly about the support they offer families in need. 

David and his wife organized lots of charity events in preparation for his 2017 Marathon, where he raised a record-breaking amount of money for a single event within the ADS family. 

Renowned for his kind persona and bubbly personality, we are proud to have David McGill as a part of TEAM ADS. 


Cheyenne Davies - 'Young Person Sponsorship' Award

Cheyenne Davies is our first YPS (Young Person Sponsorship) candidate due to her sheer passion and talent for Motorsports. 

We believe that by supporting and developing young people’s aspirations, it enables us to not only give back to the wider community but allows us to push areas where women are especially underrepresented. 

Here at ADS, we like to focus in and base our sponsorship around real current issues; helping to remove barriers as best we can. Our directors believe that the under-representation of women in sport and the workplace continues to be a pressing issue in 2019, and supporting Cheyenne is a small but unique way of demonstrating our support in light of this. 

Cheyenne was first introduced to Motorsports at the tender age of three, by her father due to his own passion and love of the sport. After years as a drag racing spectator, Cheyenne was given the opportunity to part-take in a National Schools Championships at the age of fourteen. After just one year Cheyenne claimed her first trophy and added a further five more in her second year of racing. 

With such early success, Cheyenne quickly progressed to a larger engine class and continues to win events around the country. Racing is a huge part of Cheyenne’s life and she continues to compete and hopes to enter a professional career around the sport in years to come.




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