Applications and Uses of Integrated Reception Systems

Integrated reception systems or IRS provide a means for satellite, TV aerial and radio aerial signals to be passed to multiple points. Using special settings, they deliver high quality signals from multiple channels, which are then distributed to multiple receivers. Integrated reception systems offer flexibility, particularly for communal buildings with multiple tenants, as they allow them to choose what they wish to watch or listen to.

block of flats

Landlords often invest in integrated reception systems for their blocks of flats and apartments so tenants can have access to television and radio channels. Having an integrated reception system can increase the value of your apartments and allow you to charge a higher rental rate.

 Integrated reception systems only provide a means for signals to be received. If a tenant of a communal building wanted Sky+ channels, they would have to subscribe to the satellite service themselves and get a digital box. The great thing about an integrated reception system is that the signals would already be there for the tenant to connect to, meaning that they wouldn’t have to go up onto the roof to make any configurations!

Sky+ integrated reception systems

Seeing as Sky+ is now the standard offering from Sky, most residents and landlords are now choosing to upgrade to this specification. It is worth considering that there is a key difference between a Sky+ and a Sky only IRS system and that is the fact that Sky+ systems provides two consumer cables for every dwelling (rather than one) and a four node TV Face Plate.

Integrated reception systems are not just Sky+ compatible. They can also provide signals to other satellite services, which may be required by tenants. Additional consumer cables may be required to facilitate this.

Flats and apartment blocks

The most obvious use for an integrated reception system is in communal housing blocks, where tenants live in flats and apartments. One aerial cluster can replace multiple aerials and still serve individual dwellings. Landlords that install integrated reception systems in their flats or apartments can attract a higher rental income. They can also benefit from the fact that their building will remain cosmetically desirable.

multiple satellite dishes

Multiple dishes can look unattractive and may lower the value of your property. Stop satellite dishes from ruining the look of your building by installing an integrated reception system.

Terraced houses

Integrated reception systems can be installed on terraced houses. They benefit those living in them, as it means they do not have to invest in their own satellite dishes. No one wants to see multiple dishes on a building after all, so having an integrated reception system can avoid disputes over such issues.

Care homes

Care homes and nursing homes require television signals so that residents can enjoy watching their favourite programmes in their own rooms and communal rooms within the building. Rather than requiring each resident to invest in a satellite dish, a bespoke integrated reception system can be installed to give residents’ access to their favourite television channels and radio services.

Schools, colleges and universities

Many educational institutions benefit from having integrated reception systems. They are also commonly installed in university halls of residence so that students can have access to television and radio channels.


Whether you are a landlord of multiple tenants in an apartment block or a business owner, you will highly benefit from having an integrated reception system installed in your property. Bespoke systems can be developed to ensure they meet the needs of your tenants and do not spoil your property’s aesthetics. For more information about IRS development and installation, feel free to get in touch.

Image credits: raspalsian2010 & dan taylor

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