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A previous client based in Regents Park

Customer Name


Image FourWhat was the Problem

As a nightclub owner, Omar is extremely hot when it comes to CCTV. He wants to ensure the safety and security of his staff and customers and that is why he gave ADS a call when he was experiencing issues with his CCTV system. Ultimately the system wasn’t receiving a signal or recording any activity, which would essentially leave the nightclub staff blind to what was happening in and around their premises.

What was the Solution

To determine exactly what the problem was with Omar’s CCTV system we dispatched a CCTV specialist to his premises right away. We understood the need to get this issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible so service as always was of the highest priority. Once the specialist arrived he established that Omar’s system had seen better days and he needed to get some new, more reliable equipment installed. Once this change was made he would then be able to have a system that provides him with crisp images and is able to cope with the demands of monitoring an entire nightclub.

What was the Result

After the new equipment was installed Omar saw that he was left with an almost HD quality image and the new recording equipment made it much easier to scroll back to previous events to monitor what had happened during the night. Omar was extremely impressed with how quickly the process was completed. Ultimately the CCTV system is one of his most important assets and he didn’t want to be without it for any considerable amount of time.

“What a speedy and reliable service. Thank you! You’ll most definitely be my first port of call going forward.”

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This company has installed several, complex and top of the range systems for us at different locations. All the systems work perfectly and have been doing so for some time. The equipment they have provided is excellent and their workmanship cannot be faulted. They are easy to deal with, reliable and always respond to phone calls for help. We have seen other “experts” bow to their knowledge. I am a solicitor and, as a profession, we tend not to recommend anyone; ADS is an exception.

Their service is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

— Lydia Srebernjak, Solicitor