We often take for granted WiFi services working multiple devices over shared network. Yet we have also all experienced the frustrations when such systems let us down. Efficient working of multiple devices in a set location relies upon the effective design and installation of a reliable network system. In commercial environments, advanced networking is absolutely essential for the efficient running of your business and is often a key service you provide for your clients.

ADS Digital deliver expert installation of wired and wireless network systems for homes, offices and commercial projects. We install Wireless Systems and mesh wireless networks with optimum reception for bandwidth. ADS also install computer networks supported by safe and efficient Structured Cabling Systems, using the very latest Cat cable specifications or Fibre Optic Communication. This can incorporate the installation of Virgin Cable TV, which we also provide as a stand-alone service for homes that are not currently set up to receive it.

Whether you are expanding your existing site or have moved to a new property, we will provide you with a network solution that delivers high performance, effective security and most importantly – continual reliability. ADS additionally provide in depth site surveys, upgrade or repair work and comprehensive maintenance services.



ADS Digital offer complete site surveys to investigate your existing network cabling and system performance. This service includes checking that you are getting the correct data transmission rate for your category of cable and the thorough testing of wiring and connections to uncover any performance faults that could be weakening your system. We provide surveys for Cat Cable installations to all specifications and a complete range of fibre optic cabling, testing the intricate features of both systems in both internal and external environments. A full report will be delivered as part of a direct consultation, followed by technical advice and expert solutions to any performance problems we uncover.



ADS Satellites & Aerials Ltd has extensive experience installing the very latest network installations, including Cat Cable and Fibre Optic Structured Cabling Systems and reliable wireless facilities. We provide effective installation design to deliver systems that run smoothly with the highest level of performance for your computer equipment. We can also work with existing network installations to maximise their output and facilitate business expansion or rearranging your layout.

Our specialised installation service provides efficient networks that can be as advanced as your set up requires – incorporating indoor, outdoor and cross building design. We will advise you on the specific cabling and wireless technology options to effectively support your bandwidth and the distance you will be requiring data to travel. When building your system our installers will ensure it fully complies with the strict Network Cabling Standards. Our network installations can be tailored to home, office or Commercial environments and can potentially be integrated with Virgin Cable Services, CCTV and Access Control.


Wireless networks – or WLANS – use high frequency radio waves and spread spectrum technology to enable quick and efficient communication between multiple devices in a specific area. Wireless systems facilitate easily shared Internet access and allow you to pass data between multiple PC’s, printers and entertainment devices. This is all delivered without the restriction of plugging into a fixed access point and without the need for a costly and unsightly cabling system.


ADS Digital provide expert installation of wireless network systems for homes, corporate offices, residential buildings, health and education facilities and commercial environments. Working in London and the surrounding areas, ADS install efficient wireless set ups tailored to your needs – with a firm emphasis on effective security, high performance and reliability.



A wireless access point enables many devices to connect to a wired base router, allowing a quick and easy connection between multiple computers, printers and modern compatible mobile technology such as phones, tablets and Smart Phones.

Wireless systems give you a great flexibility of access within the network area, with the added value of providing a cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing option to complicated structured wiring systems.

Commercial enterprises such as hotels, cafes and pubs are able to offer user-friendly public Internet access to customers, helping to keep them ahead of competition. As wireless systems are centrally managed, you can control who has access to the network and how long they are allowed to use it. Wireless facilities can even be integrated with security structures, such as IP-CCTV and remote controlled Access Control Systems.



ADS Digital create wireless network systems, designed and built specifically to your requirements. We will analyse your premises, bandwidth and computer network infrastructure to deliver the most effective system for your budget – all with minimal disruption to your home or office space. Using the latest and most reliable technology, ADS deliver wireless installations ranging from simple home systems to mesh wireless networks for larger reception ranges and Enterprise Private Networks for commercial clients.

ADS offer smooth running wireless systems for uses such as computer networks, internet and fast broadband, IP-CCTV systems, remote wireless Access Control and building to building signal transmission. We have expert technical knowledge on the latest wave of new generation all-in-one wireless technology and can install systems built around the following powerful CPE options:

  • 2.4 GHz CPE
    Vast wireless coverage with good penetration of solid items, providing a cost effective Wireless solution for homes and offices.
  • 5 GHz CPE
    Strong protection from the interference of other networks and uses a high number of channels to avoid overlapping. Other benefits include better scanning and less vulnerability to water absorption.
  • Dual-Band Wireless Systems
    2.4GHz and 5GHz systems used simultaneously to give you the benefits of both set ups combined.
  • AirMax5 CPE
    Advanced CPE with double sized memory and high signal transmission for high bandwidth usage and long distance operation. Also offers instant outdoor connection and the added benefit of UV resistance for protection from weather conditions.


ADS can be perform a full system survey on your current wireless system – checking the efficiency of your set up and locating any fault that may be weakening your wireless reception or impacting potential performance. Our experienced engineers will offer advice for any problems uncovered and provide effective installation solutions following a site report and quotation.



Proper maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of any installation. Click here for find out more about our Maintenance and Support service.


We had a call from one our block management companies saying that a large communal system had gone down. We referred them to ADS Digital, as they are the only company we use and refer. Same day call out and problem solved. It’s hard to find reliable contractors however in the 6 years we have been doing business with ADS, we have always received a first class service.

Excellent company, highly recommendable!

— Green Electrical & Maintenance Services Ltd