Where Should Access Points Be Placed?

Placing your access point in an optimal position is the secret to increasing the efficiency of your Internet service. Especially in environments where numerous users will be logging on from different locations, such as in an office, a café or a public Wi-Fi hotspot, it’s imperative that your AP (access point) is covering as wide […]

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Applications and Uses of Integrated Reception Systems

Integrated reception systems or IRS provide a means for satellite, TV aerial and radio aerial signals to be passed to multiple points. Using special settings, they deliver high quality signals from multiple channels, which are then distributed to multiple receivers. Integrated reception systems offer flexibility, particularly for communal buildings with multiple tenants, as they allow […]

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We had a call from one our block management companies saying that a large communal system had gone down. We referred them to ADS Digital, as they are the only company we use and refer. Same day call out and problem solved. It’s hard to find reliable contractors however in the 6 years we have been doing business with ADS, we have always received a first class service.

Excellent company, highly recommendable!

— Green Electrical & Maintenance Services Ltd