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Digital aerial systems have replaced the old analogue service significantly improving reception services. Bringing high quality audio and visuals to your home. Providing access to a huge range of free to air channels, including HD channels, and a number of different TV service providers from which to choose.

DAB radio aerials similarly provide radio listeners large increase in the range of stations. And provides a much cleaner broadcast, a huge reduction in interference enabling clearer more stable sound. Marking the end to the all too familiar ‘crackling’ sounding broadcasts common with the old analogue aerials.

ADS Digital deliver comprehensive digital aerial services for customers in London and the surrounding areas. This includes the expert installation and maintenance of the full range of digital television packages and DAB radio aerials. Including the fitting of 4G filters and providing solutions for 4G-related interference Freeview issues.

Digital Television Installation



Freeview was launched in 2002, providing a digital TV service to any home or premises across the country with access to an aerial, receiver and a Freeview set top box or pre-tuned television set. The standard Freeview package delivers over seventy free-to-view television and radio channels for the cost of just the license fee and as it works through an aerial, there is no need to install a satellite dish. Additional features can be added to the basic Freeview package and Freeview+ and Freeview HD facilities have supported digital recording and the growth of high definition television.

Freeview also features as part of the new wave of Hybrid-Broadband TV, such as the increasingly popular YouView and BT TV products. Special set top boxes combine television aerials with fast internet connections, allowing customers to access and control multiple features in one place. The incorporation of broadband internet with Freeview television also enables viewers to make use of advanced interactive services and extensive On Demand libraries. A further selection of free TV channels are made available to customers at no extra cost, depending upon the product they choose. Pay-to-view channels and Sky bundles can also be purchased upon request.

ADS Digital deliver the full installation of Freeview, YouView and BT TV television services, working with more advanced aerial systems that may incorporate amplifiers, signal boosters or external roof mastheads.

We also install Multi-Room set ups in homes and offer a specialised installation service for large residency buildings or commercial set ups that may wish to incorporate digital TV into an MATV, SMATV or IRS system.

DAB Radio Aerial Installation

DAB Digital Radio Aerial Installation

DAB – or Digital Audio Broadcasting – offers listeners enhanced signal reception, greater ease of use and an opportunity to access a huge range of radio stations from right around the country. ADS supplies and installs DAB Radio Aerial Systems for homes, large residency buildings and commercial complexes. We can fit or reposition external aerials on buildings of any height and location and will tailor our work to your requirements. Our specialised engineers also install DAB Multi-Room systems and offer a full alternative FM/AM Aerial Service.

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