At ADS Digital we believe it’s important for you to know the kind of customers we have helped in the past. The below case studies allow us to show you exactly how we go about serving our customers and making sure the job gets done.

Chelsea Case Study

Mrs Strabo wanted to have a discrete satellite installed, but Sky were unwilling to hide the dish.

Wimbledon Case Study

Franca Sartori wanted to install a new aerial point in her kitchen, but she didn’t want cables strewn across the floor.

Fulham Case Study

Mr Hayes was receiving bad reception on all four of his televisions, so he called ADS Digital to help solve the problem.

Finchley Case Study

Mr Haddad’s signal had been dropping for weeks so he called ADS Digital to help fix the issue.

Clapham North Case Study

Mrs Hobbs had very poor reception on her TV. After installing a new aerial ADS solved the problem.

Hampstead Case Study

Mrs Borglowski couldn’t even get BBC or ITV to work on her TV. So through a friends recommendation she called ADS to solve the problem.

Harrow Case Study

Mrs Sartori had so many issues with her TV she was beginning to give up hope. Luckily she found ADS who were able to help.

Kensington Case Study

Mr Thorpe wanted install Sky into different rooms in the house, the problem was he had no idea where to begin. So he called ADS Digital to solve the issue.

Brentwood Case Study

After coming back from holiday, Mr Khan’s satellite signal had completely disappeared and none of his televisions were working. We gave him a quote and got to work.

Camden Case Study

Mr Scarborough-Smith lost Sky reception and with young children faced the horror in having no Peppa Pig readily available! But ADS Digital came to the rescue.

Chalfont St Peters Case Study

Mr Redlich has fun out of TV connection points in his house. Not being technically minded person, he called ADS Digital. Now the television works perfectly and has is nice and sturdy in its wall bracket.

Gerrards Cross Case Study

Mr and Mrs Southern wanted a speaker system in our kitchen, but didn’t know where to start. They called in the professionals and met our AV specialist Ben.

Mill Hill Case Study

After weeks with no aerial reception in the lounge and kids playroom, Charlie-Anne was recommended ADS Digital and in no time at all we had fixed her terminators problem.

Rickmansworth Case Study

Mr Dunne owns a commercial property with 12 television outlets and not one of them had decent signal. ADS arrived within the hour, climbed onto the roof and discovered what had gone wrong.

Slough Case Study

Mrs Thomas bought her daughter a new TV for Christmas and needed to fit an aerial and connector in her bedroom. Steve fitted the aerial and wired in the connection point within just 45 minutes.

Elstree Case Study

Miss Williams’ new flat mate was moving in but the television socket in their bedroom wasn’t working. She called ADS and we replaced the damaged termination point in a jiffy!

Chigwell Case Study

Helen wanted to receive Spanish TV channels. We advised her on the type of dish that she would need and got to work. She now has a number of Spanish channels and all of them have perfect reception.

Woking Case Study

Mrs Ryder had been getting poor aerial signal. Most of the channels were pixelating and some were completely lost altogether. She gave us a call to repair her aerial which had broken in the high winds.

Islington Case Study

Miss Keatley has purchase a hotel and needed a new system installed that could accommodate all 12 rooms. She called ADS Digital to see if we were up to the challenge!

Kew Case Study

Unsure what television set up was in her new home, Mrs Wallace called ADS Digital to set up an IRS system for Freeview and Sky. We went above and beyond to ensure she was happy.

Tring Case Study

Fed up with constantly retuning his television and taking the system apart, Mr O’Driscoll called ADS Digital and we were able to send an engineer over that afternoon.

Radlett Case Study

|Wanting to change from Sky back to a Freeview box, Mr Warman called ADS Digital to remove the old satellite dish and install a new aerial on the same day.

Ascot Case Study

After moving into her new home Tina was shocked that there were no aerial or outlets for a television! As a devout watcher of all the major soaps, she needed help and fast!

Harpenden Case Study

After the builders said the satellite dish needed moving, Mrs Griggs called ADS Digital to moved the dish onto the scaffolding and secure it while work on the roof continued.

Windsor Case Study

Adrian managed to cut the television cable during a DIY accident. Not too confident in his abilities as an electrician, he decided to contact the pros at ADS Digital.

Esher Case Study

Mr Hill had a loose aerial in the back of his television, which caused an intermittent signal, so he decided to call our team.

Egham Case Study

Kerry Mahon had just moved into a new house and one of the first things on her list was to get a Sky TV subscription. However, she had a problem, her new home didn’t have any TV points.

Golders Green Case Study

Mr Goldberg’s aerial had fallen from his roof, which meant that he was unable to achieve a connection and watch television. Mr Goldberg called ADS at 9am and we sent an engineer out immediately – the job was complete by 11am.

Iver Case Study

Mr Jones had recently purchased a new TV set but it was having some teething issues. He found it almost impossible to gain an acceptable level of connection.

Sevenoaks Case Study

Mrs Scolari had decided that she wasn’t making the most of her satellite experience and thought that it made sense to cancel her subscription and revert back to Freeview. Unfortunately, once she cancelled her subscription, she found that she couldn’t achieve a stable signal.

Upminster Case Study

Roger Neale was in the process of having a loft conversion on his home. The satellite dishes that he had attached to his roof needed to be moved to ensure that development work was uninterrupted.

Borehamwood Case Study

Miss Dalton had just subscribed to Sky but was shocked to discover that Sky’s appointment list was so long. She’d have to wait weeks to get a dish and box installed but she wanted to start enjoying her new subscription right away.

Welwyn Garden City Case Study

Sarah was experiencing an extremely poor reception. ADS completed work to the highest standard and she became an extremely satisfied customer.

Hammersmith Case Study

Rachel hadn’t upgraded her television system for years. We upgraded Rachel’s system she now has everything working exactly how she wanted it to

Paddington Case Study

Mrs Crossley had recently purchased a new flat and she needed Sky+ installed. Our engineers have installed countless Sky+ dishes and boxes over the years so this was a very straightforward job for us.

Highbury Case Study

Mr Adali was having issues with his television signal and often found himself losing connection. Our engineer was able to replace the wires there and then and it did the trick.

Henley Case Study

Mr Packer-Fishman was experience extreme technical difficulties with his television and audio systems. He decided to give ADS a call.

Shepherds Bush Case Study

Mr Suwali enjoys English television but wanted to add a few foreign channels to his package. The system was extremely easy to install and Mr Suwali was very happy.

Ladbroke Grove Case Study

Mr Mason-Prince was experiencing a water leak in his roof and it appeared to be running down his TV cabling. Our engineer repositioned the cable path and returned the signal to normal.

Waltham Cross Case Study

Jeremy wasn’t sure how he could get a TV working in the playroom, would he need to get a new aerial point and buy some extra cables? He decided to give ADS a call.

Teddington Case Study

Katie came home from work one day to find that her beloved TV was no longer receiving any reception. She called ADS instead and we were able to fix the problem so she didn’t have to buy a replacement television.

Shoreditch Case Study

James had purchased a new speaker system and wanted to hook it up to his television system, but he wasn’t sure how best way to install it. He thought about doing it himself, but decided to call ADS to ensure that everything would be installed correctly.

Knightsbridge Case Study

Mrs McGill had moved into a new home but the previous owners only had a satellite system installed. UNable to watch FreeView because she didn’t have an active satellite subscription, she gave ADS a call to fix the problem.

Notting Hill Case Study

Anna was experiencing issues with her TV reception that made it almost impossible for her to be able to watch her favourite programs. Our engineer realigned the aerial and signal was restored!

Dalston Case Study

Anjulie’s father is not from the UK and he missed many of his favourite shows from his native country. So we discreetly installed a foreign TV dedicated satellite dish.

Maida Vale Case Study

Mr Simms wanted a full IRS system for his family to enjoy music and TV in multiple rooms, but felt overhwelmed by the technical requirements. So we advised on the right system and installed it for him.

Croxley Case Study

Sky subscriber Ruby was experiencing severe drops in signal strength, resulting pixilation and pitchy sound. After speaking to a friend, Ruby decided to give ADS a call to see if we could fix the problem.

Hackney Case Study

Blake found himself being presented with highly pixelated and distorted images that made for an extremely unpleasant viewing experience. He spoke to his landlord who gave him ADS Digital’s number.

Cricklewood Case Study

Jack’s TV aerial was hanging off his roof. SO he gave ADS a call to see if we would be able to reattach his aerial and restore his viewing experience to what it once was.

Brixton Case Study

Jane owns a shop in Brixton and she was extremely conscious about the security of her premises. Naturally, she wanted to install a comprehensive CCTV system that fed through to a monitor so she could keep a close eye on all aspects of her shop.

Bishops Stortford Case Study

As an owner of a SKY subscription and an avid Freeview viewer, Eddie needed all the TVs in his home to be hooked up to these services. He called ADS Digital to make it happen in a timely fashion.

Hertford Case Study

Three flats in Ian’s block were experiencing extremely poor signal levels. Other flats in the block still had signal and were able to connect to Freeview. So he called ADS to figure out what the problem was and fix it fast.

Hackney Case Study

We installed a new Freeview box, wall mounted TVs and ceiling and floor speakers, for Ian and Victoria to enjoy a far more authentic viewing experience and play their favourite songs through their new sound system.

Regents Park Case Study

Priscilla was experiencing an almost non-existent signal and this resulted in her picture quality being granulated. Priscilla spoke to ADS and we were able to send an engineer to her home right away.

March Arch Nightclub Case Study

As a nightclub owner, Omar is extremely hot when it comes to CCTV. He wants to ensure the safety and security of his staff and customers and that is why he gave ADS a call when he was experiencing issues with his CCTV system.

Stevenage Case Study

Zena was concerned that her TV was causing serious problems with her signal. We advised her over the phone that the issue was probably being caused by a faulty TV aerial rather than the TV itself and came to the rescue.

Luton Case Study

Caroline’s husband had attempted to put up a new TV wall mount but he was having some issues. Rather than spend hours trying to fix the problem themselves, she called the professionals in to reinstall the wall mount completely.

Pimlico Case Study

Harry had multiple television systems throughout his home but he was unable to establish a connection. Within 10 minutes we were able to establish what was causing my TV signal issues. Since we installed a replacement amplifier, his signal has been picture perfect.

Epping Case Study

Garry was experiencing some issues with sound dropping in and out and TV signal not being as strong as it once was. We quickly found there was a fault with the cabling and this is what was causing Garry’s system to behave so erratically.

Loughton Case Study

With so many guests staying over for a night or two, Maureen felt the need for televisions in multiple rooms of her home. However, her home didn’t have the required aerial points for her to simply go out and buy a few new television systems. She called in ADS to install new TV ports and sort all the cabling out in her home.

Waltham Abbey Case Study

Katie experienced issues with her Sky signal. Aware that Sky could take weeks before they sent an engineer, she wanted a solution as soon as possible and called ADS. We realigned her dish and gave her a perfectly clear signal again.

Buckhurst Hill Case Study

Emily wanted a new sound system that worked with her television, DVD player and Sky box, unsure what to choose, she called ADS for some advice. Soon after, we installed a complete Sonos System in both both her lounge and kitchen, including ceiling speakers and a sound bar.

Amersham Case Study

Lily-Ann loves nothing more than being able to sit in front of her Sky box after a hard day at work. However, she was experiencing signal issues. Rather than wait weeks for a Sky engineer, she called ADS and we replaced her faulty Sky Box right there and then.

Woodford Green Case Study

Aaron had an existing CCTV system in his home but the technology had become extremely outdated, so he called ADS. Once the upgrade was complete Aaron was able to monitor his home in more ways than ever before.

Chesham Case Study

Marcus wanted to ensure that his home was as secure as possible and at the heart of his plans was a gate entry system with video surveillance and phone access. We presented him with a range of options and our engineer was able to install the necessary components in a short time.

Beaconsfield Case Study

Teresa is an avid TV viewer and she’ll often find herself in front of the box every evening after a long day at work. However she was experiencing some issues with her signal. She decided to contact ADS to get the problem fixed.

Virginia Water Case Study

Shelia recently moved into a new home and she found that the existing television and audio systems were a mess. She gave ADS a call and asked us to improve her set up.

Isleworth Case Study

Dalbir was experiencing major issues with his signal strength that made it almost impossible to watch television. We had an engineer in the area when Dalbir gave us a call, so we were able to send someone round immediately.

Wembley Case Study

Krishan’s family moved to the UK a few years ago and he wanted to be able to watch his favourite shows from his home country, but standard satellite packages don’t always have the best selection. But ADS had the solution!

Stanmore Case Study

Mr Peters had Freeview in various rooms in his home but as a Sky subscriber he also wanted to take advantage of Sky’s multi-room capabilities. We were able to set up his system and have it working in a couple of hours.

Pinner Case Study

Mrs Hughes faced the problem that so many families have to endure. She had three teenagers in her home and they were constantly fighting over the remote. our engineer was called to instal a Sky+ HD box with multi-room capabilities.

Richmond Case Study

Kirk had just moved into a new flat in Richmond and wanted to watch Sky+ HD in two rooms and the bathroom. He contacted ADS to see if we would be able to help.

Eastcote Case Study

Leon is a shop owner in Eastcote hwo needed a large TV hung in his premises to play advertisements of both products he sells in his shop. He called ADS to set up the perfect system to meet his needs.

Battersea Case Study

My appointment was scheduled in for 8am and as soon as the minute hand hit 12 my doorbell rang. Talk about a punctual service!

Twickenham Case Study

They asked me where the dish was situated and I explained the issue in detail. They immediately got out their ladders and explained what they needed to do. I was very impressed with their health and safety standards, especially when climbing on my roof to get to the chimney. They had all of the equipment at hand and managed to realign the dish straight away.

Brill Brill Brill
They carried out the work the following day and Im soooooo pleased with their work.
Highly recommend this company. Well done!!! :)

— Francesca Sartori