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A previous client based in Chelsea

Customer name

Mrs Strabo

What was the problem

Mrs Strabo wanted to have Sky installed, but Sky was unwilling to carry out a discrete satellite dish installation. She was given a vague appointment time and when they finally arrived at her house the engineer insisted on installing the dish above her garage. Concerned about ruining the aesthetic of her home, Mrs Strabo asked the engineer to install it somewhere else, but instead of simply getting on with the job, he said that she would have to book another appointment so he could bring the necessary equipment. The waiting list was far too long and Mrs Strabo was desperate to get everything up and running, so she gave us a call.

Aerial installation in chelsea

What was the solution

After hearing about Mrs Strabo’s problems and concerns, we made sure that we had all the necessary equipment to install a satellite dish in a hard-to-reach area. We managed to install it exactly where Mrs Strabo wanted it; behind the chimney stack. Due to the nice and discreet location, the dish is barely visible from the ground and certainly doesn’t hinder the curb appeal of her home. While the location wasn’t easy to get to, we were able to get the dish installed without any issues and well within the allotted timeframe.

What was the result

Our engineer understood Mrs Strabo’s concerns and did his utmost to ensure he could mount the dish in the exact spot that she wanted. Mrs Strabo was very happy with the final result.

“At first we thought that we were unable to have sky installed as sky could not carry out a discrete installation of the satellite dish, Ads were very professional and were able to hide the dish, we would use them again.”

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Professional and affordable. Thank you.

— LAURA K, St Albans