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A previous client based in Battersea

Customer Name

Mrs Hobbs

Image OneWhat was the Problem

I recently decided to cancel my Sky subscription. When the service went down, so did all of the free channels. I didn’t know how to get them back so I called a few companies to ask for advice; however, I wasn’t given enough useful information and was left just as blind as before. I’m not too tech savvy, so putting their ideas into practice was difficult. I gave it my best shot, but no matter how hard I tried I kept hitting a brick wall and was unable to get the free channels up and running as before.

What was the Solution

I called ADS Digital and spoke with one of their engineers. He was extremely polite and offered to talk me through my options there and then. Unlike the other companies I had spoken to, the ADS engineer explained everything in plain English and even stayed on the line as I attempted to retune my television set and check that all of the connectors at the back of the system were properly secured. Unfortunately I still had no luck and was unable to figure out exactly how to get all my channels back, so I felt the best option was to get the professionals to do it for me. Thankfully, ADS had availability the very next day so I was extremely happy to know that my system would be back up and running in no time.

What was the Result

My appointment was scheduled in for 8am and as soon as the minute hand hit 12 my doorbell rang. Talk about a punctual service! The engineer’s name was David and from the moment he walked through the door I felt that I was in very capable hands. David had a look at my current equipment and decided to use the dish to pick up the Freesat service. Within a few minutes he had all of the free channels back and the picture quality was excellent. I didn’t want the same problem to occur again a few weeks down the line, so David completed one final vigorous check of my system and conducted a few tests to ensure that everything was stable and working as it should. He then explained that I had a 12-month warranty on the works carried out so I felt even more at ease that I had made the right decision to call ADS knowing that they would be on hand should any issues occur in the coming months (not that I expect them to).

“I would 100% recommend ADS Digital to anyone out there!! Very happy with the service!”

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Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring