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A previous client based in Brixton

Customer Name

Jane Samuels

Image FourWhat was the Problem

Jane owns a shop in Brixton and she was extremely conscious about the security of her premises. Naturally, she wanted to install a comprehensive CCTV system that fed through to a monitor so she could keep a close eye on all aspects of her shop.

What was the Solution

There are many different forms of CCTV system so when Jane called ADS we placed an emphasis on listening to her requirements so that we could provide her with the ideal package. Once we had a clear understanding of what Jane required we were able to send a CCTV specialist to her shop the following day, which meant we could get her system up and running extremely quickly. Upon arrival the specialist installed three cameras and connected them to both a monitor and a DVR box. This meant that Jane was able to keep an eye on her shop through her smartphone, so no matter where she is in the world she’ll be able to see how the business is doing. Furthermore, our specialist ensured that the system allowed for 30 days of recording so that Jane was able to scroll back and view previous events.

What was the Result

The whole installation process only took a few short hours and Jane was able to get a far more comprehensive system than she was expecting. Furthermore, the CCTV specialist carried out installation with reliability in mind and Jane hasn’t experienced any issues since the system was set up.

“Very happy with the install. I have passed ADS’s details onto a few other shops in the area as well”

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Always deliver! Having used ADS for both business and domestic premises requirements, we would absolutely recommend their staff and services. Quick, professional and thorough – they always deliver. Very trustworthy.

— Little Tin Shed Florist & Venue Styling