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A previous client based in Islington

Customer Name

Miss Keatley

Image OneWhat was the Problem

We had just taken over a hotel and wanted a new system installed that could accommodate all 12 rooms. While we already had televisions setup, all of the equipment was extremely outdated, and charging customers for a service that was barely working and not up to scratch was certainly not an option. We called ADS Digital to see if they were up to the challenge. It was quite a big job, so we had our reservations about whether or not a smaller company would be able to complete the task to required standard. However, we had read many positive reviews about ADS and we were confident that they had the expertise necessary to provide us with a system that our guests would be able to enjoy. We decided to go ahead and use them.

What was the Solution

We arranged an appointment for an ADS engineer to come to our premises the next day to provide a formal quotation. As it was such a big job it was necessary for this to be done to ensure that everyone knew how much work was involved. The engineer arrived promptly and after his visit he issued us with a quotation via email, which we were very happy with. We were conscious that we didn’t want to have to close the hotel for a lengthy period to complete the works and ADS were more than accommodating. As a smaller business they appreciated that it isn’t ideal for a business to be closed, so they sent out three engineers to carry out the job and the entire project was completed over two days, which was quicker than had originally been planned. We were extremely pleased with this as it meant that our normal trading schedule was only interrupted for a minimal amount of time.

What was the Result

We now have a wonderful aerial and satellite system in all 12 rooms. Our customers are happy with the multiple choice stations, and since the install, reports on Trip Advisor have been slowly creeping up. As of yet we haven’t encountered any issues. We have been given a one year warranty on all works carried out, so it’s nice to know that ADS Digital will be on the case if anything goes wrong in the future. We are confident that the works carried out were done to the highest of standards, so we don’t envisage any problems occurring, but it is nice to have that added peace of mind – especially when television systems are something that are extremely important to all of our guests.

“All in all a pleasing service from start to finish. We will be recommending ADS Digital to friends in the industry”

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Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring