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A previous client based in Iver

Customer Name

Mr Jones

What was the Problem

Mr Jones had recently purchased a new TV set but it was having some teething issues. He found it almost impossible to gain an acceptable level of connection. Consequently Mr Jones would find that every time he sat down to try and watch television he would be presented with wide scale channel loss and regular pixilation of his picture. He wanted an uninterrupted viewing experience so decided to give ADS a call.

What was the Solution

Mr Jones had no idea what the problem was and he just wanted to be able to enjoy television without having to worry about a loss of connection during the best parts of a film or show. He explained the problems that he was having with his new TV set to ADS and the engineer on the other end of the phone felt that it could be a cabling issue that was causing the problem. An engineer was sent round to Mr Jones’ house in a timely fashion and they conducted a full evaluation of the system to ensure that the fault was 100% identified. As the TV was brand new, the focus was on the socket and cable. It was established that the point needed an amplifier, as there was an extremely minimal reception, it just needed a boost to ensure that Mr Jones had an uninterrupted viewing experience.

What was the Result

Once an amplifier was installed, there was an immediate difference in the quality of signal that Mr Jones was receiving. The engineer conducted a number of further tests and checks to establish whether or not the connection would stick and was able to determine that the problem was fixed. Mr Jones has been able to enjoy a perfect viewing experience ever since and was delighted with the service that he was provided with.

“ADS were quick and easy to deal with. I was delighted with their communication from start to finish and highly recommend them!”

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Brill Brill Brill
They carried out the work the following day and Im soooooo pleased with their work.
Highly recommend this company. Well done!!! :)

— Francesca Sartori