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A previous client based in Kew

Customer Name

Mrs Wallace

Indoor satellitesWhat was the Problem

When I moved in to my new home I wasn’t sure what television setup I had been left with. I wanted an IRS system for Freeview and Sky but didn’t have a clue if I had one or how to get it up and running. I looked online for hints but couldn’t find any information apart from technical jargon. In the end I stumbled upon ADS and thought I’d give them a call.

What was the Solution

ADS were very helpful during the initial phone conversation. I spoke to the receptionist, who tried explaining how I could find out if I had an IRS system. Unfortunately her wisdom was lost on me! I decided to book an appointment instead. The specialists arrived the following morning, they asked me what my requirements were and they then had a look at my existing equipment. They said I could use the aerial that was on the roof, and then quoted me for the extra bits.

What was the Result

They carried out the works the same day. I was very happy with their professionalism and attention to detail. They kept me fully informed throughout the installation process to ensure I knew how to troubleshoot potential problems in the future.

“Would 100% recommend ADS Digital. They went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and were patient enough to explain the ins and outs of the system. I will definitely use them again if I decide to install Sky.”


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Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring