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A previous client based in Rickmansworth

Customer Name

Mr Dunne

Image OneWhat was the Problem

I own a commercial property with 12 television outlets and not one of them had decent signal. It was both frustrating and disruptive to morale, so I had to get it sorted immediately. The aerial was clearly the route of the problem, but climbing onto the roof and dismantling it was a much bigger job than I anticipated due to poor weather conditions. I decided to call ADS and booked an emergency appointment.

What was the Solution

ADS arrived within the hour. They immediately climbed onto the roof and discovered what had gone wrong. Due to the high winds, the aerial had been dislodged from the chimney and was hanging down. This was not only causing bad signal, but was posing a serious safety hazard.

What was the Result

ADS safely removed the aerial using trained special heights engineers. They put in a new bracket and pole and reattached the original aerial as it was still in good working order. When they finished the attachment process they checked the wiring and all 12 televisions to ensure everything was in good standing. I was given a one year guarantee on both the parts and all the works that were carried out.

“We were very worried when we noticed that the winds had dislodged our TV aerial. We called ADS straight away and within one hour they were able to get out to us and safely reinstall our aerial. We are very impressed with the service and price. Thank you ADS!”

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Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring