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A previous client based in Waltham Cross

Customer Name

Jeremy Holland-Trent

What was the Problem

Jeremy has a growing family and he has constructed his children a dedicated playroom packed full of their favourite toys. His wife felt that the perfect addition to the playroom would be a television so that the children could enjoy their favourite shows without eating into mum and dad’s viewing time. The issue was that Jeremy wasn’t sure how he could get a TV working in the playroom, would he need to get a new aerial point and buy some extra cables? He decide to give ADS a call.

What was the Solution

After Jeremy spoke to one of our operators and explained that he wanted to install a television in the children’s playroom we arranged for an engineer to visit and provide a complete answer. The engineer carried out a complete assessment of the room and determined that a new cable and amplifier would be required. The existing signal wasn’t strong enough to cope with another split so the amplifier and cable should solve this issue.

What was the Result

The process to an hour from start to finish so Jeremy was able to continue with his day extremely quickly. The cable was installed discreetly so that it was fixed tightly to the roof and didn’t become a structural eye-sore After the new amplifier and cable were installed, the engineer carried out a series of tests to ensure that the signal would hold and be strong enough to support an additional television within the household.

“I felt extremely confident in the services provided by ADS and will back in the future”

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Brill Brill Brill
They carried out the work the following day and Im soooooo pleased with their work.
Highly recommend this company. Well done!!! :)

— Francesca Sartori