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A previous client based in Richmond

Customer Name

Kirk Willard

Image OneWhat was the Problem

Kirk had just moved into a new flat in Richmond and as an avid television viewer he wanted to be able to watch Sky+ HD in two rooms and the bathroom. This is a setup he had in his old flat so he was extremely keen to replicate it in his new home. Consequently Kirk contacted ADS to see if we would be able to help.

What was the Solution

Thankfully we had an engineer in the area when Kirk called us so we were able to send him round right away. The engineer worked with Kirk to find out exactly how he wanted the TV in his bathroom to look and we even offered him a selection of casings to choose from. Furthermore, Kirk had a builder making some improvements to his flat so our engineer liaised closely with him to ensure that everything was taken care of. Once Kirk had decided upon exactly what he wanted we returned a few days later and completed the installation as originally agreed.

What was the Result

Once the installation was complete Kirk could watch his favourite shows in two rooms and his bathroom! After a long hard day at work he was able to take a soak in the tub and watch television at the same time – we don’t think it gets much better than that. The engineer ensured that everything was working properly before he signed the work off and Kirk can rest assured that his new system comes with a full warranty, so he is covered in the unlikely event that there are any issues.

“ADS are experts at what they do and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for similar work to be carried out”

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— LAURA K, St Albans