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A previous client based in Stanmore

Customer Name

Mr Peters

Image OneWhat was the Problem

Mr Peters had Freeview in various rooms in his home but as a Sky subscriber he also wanted to take advantage of Sky’s multi-room capabilities. As Mr Peters has a large family it made sense for them to be able to go to separate rooms if they didn’t all want to watch the same channel. Consequently Mr Peters gave ADS a call to see if we would be able to help.

What was the Solution

Sky often has a backlog in their service department and we pride ourselves on often being able to get to customers much quicker than if they went directly to Sky. One of our engineers arrived at Mr Peters’ home the day after he called us and was able to carry out a complete assessment of Mr Peters’ existing setup to determine the best way to go forward.

What was the Result

The engineer arrived with all the necessary tools and equipment and with a couple of hours Mr Peters’ had access to Freeview and Sky+ HD in three rooms within his home. Before the engineer left Mr Peter’s home he carried out a series of quality control tests to ensure that the signal strength was a high as possible in all rooms. Furthermore, the works come with a warranty so Mr Peters can rest assured that he is covered should who experience any technical issues in the future.

“ADS were extremely proficient and there was no hard sell on items that I didn’t need. I will definitely recommend ADS to my friends and family if they require a similar service.

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Brill Brill Brill
They carried out the work the following day and Im soooooo pleased with their work.
Highly recommend this company. Well done!!! :)

— Francesca Sartori