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A previous client based in Amersham

Customer Name

Lily-Ann Wentworth

Image OneWhat was the Problem

Lily-Ann works long hours and she loves nothing more than being able to sit in front of her Sky box after a hard day at work. However, recently she had been experiencing some severe issues with her Sky signal. For the most part she would be experiencing fuzzy images and a complete drop in sound and there were occasions where Sky wouldn’t work at all. Lily-Ann was aware that Sky’s service team often have a long waiting list so it could be weeks before they were able to send an engineer to her home, so she decided to give ADS a call and see if we could get to her any quicker.

What was the Solution

We had an engineer in the area so he was able to visit Lily-Ann within a few hours of her giving us a call. Upon arrival the engineer conducted a full evaluation of Lily-Ann’s system and determined that her current Sky box had seen better days so she needed a replacement. The engineer had a new box in his van and was able to install it there and then. The box comes with a 12-month warranty so if Lily-Ann experiences any further issues in that time she just needs to give us a call and we’ll be there to solve the problem in a flash

What was the Result

As soon as the new box was installed Lily-Ann’s viewing experience returned to what it once was and she was able to start enjoying her favourite shows once again. Lily-Ann commented that two previous engineers from different companies had failed to sort the problem so she was over the moon that ADS were able to find a solution with relative ease.

“An unrivalled level of service and I’ll definitely be back if I have any problems in the future.”

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Brill Brill Brill
They carried out the work the following day and Im soooooo pleased with their work.
Highly recommend this company. Well done!!! :)

— Francesca Sartori