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A previous client based in Hackney

Customer Name

Blake Deacon

What was the Problem

Blake was experiencing severe problems with the reception in his flat. He had never experienced any signal issues before but all of a sudden he found himself being presented with highly pixelated and distorted images that made for an extremely unpleasant viewing experience. Blake spoke to his landlord who gave him ADS Digital’s number so that he could arrange an appointment for a technician to come and assess the issue.

What was the Solution

Technicians arrived at Blake’s flat within 48 hours and completed a full assessment of the tech set up that he had. It turned out that Blake wasn’t the only one experiencing signal issues, many of his neighbours were having the exact same problem, so it looked like it was a hardware issue that was central to the flats within the building. After the technician took a closer look he established that the aerial and switches were outdated and broken, which is what was causing the signal problems. The entire communal system needed a full upgrade to restore signal to an acceptable level for all residents.

What was the Result

Once the upgrade was complete Blake and the rest of the residents in the block had their signal restored and they were once again able to enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience. Blake said that he feels communication is key in these situations and he was happy that the technicians always kept him in the loop throughout the process. The issue was fixed by the end of the week and he was happy to be able to get back to watching his TV.

“Communication was first class and I was pleased with how quick and straightforward the process was from start to finish.”

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Always deliver! Having used ADS for both business and domestic premises requirements, we would absolutely recommend their staff and services. Quick, professional and thorough – they always deliver. Very trustworthy.

— Little Tin Shed Florist & Venue Styling