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A previous client based in Hertford

Customer Name

Ian Halliday

Image FourWhat was the Problem

Three flats in Ian’s block were experiencing extremely poor signal levels to the point where they often couldn’t establish any form of connection at all. This meant that the tenants within the block were unable to watch any form of Freeview whatsoever. Other flats in the block still had signal and were able to connect to Freeview so Ian wasn’t sure what the problem was.

What was the Solution

We dispatched a specialist engineer to Ian’s block of flats in a timely fashion and once we arrived we were able to look at the situation in greater detail. After a few minutes the engineer was able to establish that the route cause of the problem was tired system components. This meant that once these components were replaced all flats within the block should start to receive a Freeview signal and begin enjoying an uninterrupted viewing experience. The components were replaced and the engineer carried out a number of quality control checks to ensure that the solution was a reliable one.

What was the Result

Ian said that he called countless different companies and found that ADS were leaps and bounds above the competition when it came to technical knowledge. Furthermore, he felt encouraged by the fact that the company is registered with all the appropriate industry affiliations. Ultimately this left him feeling that he was working with a trustworthy company and the 12 month warranty he was provided with further reinforced this. The signal strength hasn’t dropped since ADS’s visit and the tenants are once again able to enjoy their favourite shows.

“ADS’s technical knowledge is second to none and I felt that I was working with the right company as soon as I started speaking with them”

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Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring