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A previous client based in Highbury

Customer Name

Oman Adali

diagnosticWhat was the Problem

Mr Adali was having issues with his television signal and often found himself losing connection completely during his favourite television programs. He wasn’t sure of the root cause of the problem so he sought the assistance of ADS to identify whether faulty wiring or something else was causing the problem.

What was the Solution

After Mr Adali called ADS we dispatched an engineer to his location in a timely fashion to ensure that we could get his signal restored as soon as possible. Our engineer carried out a series of diagnostic tests to establish what the cause of the loss of signal was. This was an extremely important part of the process as the engineer wanted to fix the problem without similar issues occurring in the future. After the tests were completed, the conclusion was that the regular loss of signal was due to faulty wiring.

What was the Result

Our engineer was able to replace the wires there and then and it did the trick. We carried out a series of final tests to ensure that Oman could be certain that his signal was restored and could go back to enjoying an uninterrupted viewing experience. Mr Adali was said to be extremely pleased with the speed at which an engineer arrived and was able to solve his problem. Furthermore, he also mentioned that he was expecting to be hit hard with a huge bill but was pleasantly surprised at the affordability of the service that ADS provided him with.

“A quick and affordable service of the highest quality. I’ll definitely be back in the future.”


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Professional and affordable. Thank you.

— LAURA K, St Albans