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A previous client based in Luton

Customer Name


TV wall mountedWhat was the Problem

Caroline’s husband had attempted to put up a new TV wall mount but he was having some issues. Rather than spend hours trying to fix the problem themselves, Caroline thought it would be best to get the professionals in to reinstall the wall mount completely.

What was the Solution

Caroline called ADS and explained her problem. We had an engineer in the area and were able to send him to her house within a couple of hours. As our engineers have put up thousands of TV wall mounts in their time this was a fairly routine job and the engineer had all the tools and equipment he needed in the back of his van. We took down the existing wall mount safely without causing any damage to Caroline’s fixtures and fittings and were then able to securely put up a new wall mount. The wall mount is retractable and this allows Caroline and her husband to adjust the height and overall position of the TV to ensure that it is at an angle that provides them with the best possible viewing experience.

What was the Result

Once the mount was fixed to the wall and the TV was attached we were able to carry out a couple of quick quality control assessments to ensure that the installation was completed successfully. Caroline also joked that she can now watch TV without worrying that her new expensive gadget will end up on the floor. There have been no complaints so we are happy to know that Caroline’s TV is still standing strong!

“Thank you so much! Now I don’t have to worry about my husband’s handy work resulting in my new TV ending up on the floor.”

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Professional and affordable. Thank you.

— LAURA K, St Albans