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A previous client based in Notting Hill

Customer Name

Anna Richards

What was the Problem

Anna was experiencing some issues with her TV reception that made it almost impossible for her to be able to watch her favourite programs. Each time she would sit down and turn her TV on she would be presented with a jumpy picture and unstable sound.
What was the Solution

Whenever there is a problem with TV reception our first port of call is the aerial. Whether it has been dislodged or just reached its point, a faulty aerial can result in pixilation, unstable sound and other issues with your connectivity. The engineer arrived the day after Anna gave us a call and he went straight onto the roof to take a closer look at the aerial. Upon inspection it appeared that the aerial had been dislodged, likely due to the high levels of wind that the area had been experiencing in the weeks previous. The engineer realigned the aerial and signal was restored. He then went into Anna’s home and checked the TV system further to make sure that there were no unforeseen faults and confirm that realigning the aerial had solved the problem.

What was the Result

Once the aerial was realigned the problem was fixed and Katie is able to view her favourite shows once again. Katie spoke extremely highly of the level of service she received. When you turn your TV on to find that you have no signal it is easy to fear the worse and think that you’ll have to spend hundreds on a new piece of kit, but Katie was happy to find out that the service was extremely affordable.

“A fast, affordable and reliable service. Thank you very much!”

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Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring