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A previous client based in Pimlico

Customer Name

Harry Bould

TV wall mountedWhat was the Problem

Harry Bould has multiple television systems throughout his home but he was unable to establish a connection. All of the televisions in his home were displaying a message that read ‘poor or weak signal’ and this meant that Harry was unable to watch any form of television.

What was the Solution

Harry gave ADS a call and we were able to dispatch engineers to his home the very next day. When it comes to poor signal issues there are usually a few possible causes so our engineers immediately carried out an assessment to identify the fault. After being at Harry’s home for less than 10 minutes we were able to establish that the cause of his poor signal issues was a faulty amplifier. Thankfully the engineers had a new amplifier in the back of their van so they were able to fit a replacement there and then to ensure that Harry was able to get back to watching television as soon as possible.

What was the Result

As soon as the replacement amplifier was fitted Harry’s television connection returned to what it once was and he started to experience crisp images once again. To ensure that the problem was 100% fixed our engineers carried out a series of quality control tests. This meant that we were able to confidently say that Harry wouldn’t experience any further issues once the engineers left his property. Furthermore, Harry has a guarantee on the new amplifier that we installed so in the unlikely event that he experiences any issues we’ll be back to his home in a flash.

“Within 10 minutes of arriving ADS were able to establish what was causing my TV signal issues. Since my replacement amplifier was installed it has been perfect. One very happy customer here!”

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Always deliver! Having used ADS for both business and domestic premises requirements, we would absolutely recommend their staff and services. Quick, professional and thorough – they always deliver. Very trustworthy.

— Little Tin Shed Florist & Venue Styling