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A previous client based in Regents Park

Customer Name


Aerial installationWhat was the Problem

Priscilla was experiencing an almost non-existent signal and this resulted in her picture quality being granulated. Priscilla spoke to ADS and we were able to send an engineer to her home right away.

What was the Solution

More often than not, when someone is experiencing poor picture quality the fault tends to be either cabling or the aerial. Therefore our first port of call was to assess the condition of such equipment to determine if they had been damaged in any way. The engineer found that both the aerial and cabling had seen better days and this is why Priscilla was experiencing such poor picture quality. He explained to Priscilla that if we replaced the aerial and external cables that she would have her picture quality restored to what it once was.

What was the Result

As soon as we replaced the necessary equipment we went into Priscilla’s home to test the TV. Unsurprisingly there was a great difference in picture quality compared to when we first arrived and she was extremely happy with this. Furthermore, the cables and aerial come with a warranty, so in the unlikely event that Priscilla experiences any further issues she can give us a call and we will be on hand to repair any damage.

“The engineers were well mannered. Simple things like taking off their shoes in my home go a long way to showing that they care. The job itself was completed very quickly so you have one happy customer right here.”

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Always deliver! Having used ADS for both business and domestic premises requirements, we would absolutely recommend their staff and services. Quick, professional and thorough – they always deliver. Very trustworthy.

— Little Tin Shed Florist & Venue Styling