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A previous client based in Welwyn Garden City

Customer Name

Sarah Black

Aerial installationWhat was the Problem

Sarah was experiencing an extremely poor reception, which meant that she struggled to receive a stable picture when watching the television. Sarah said her aerial was the cause of the problem and she needed to get it fixed in order to enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.

What was the Solution

She called ADS to get some advice on her situation and see if we could help. After speaking to one of our operators we sent a team of engineers to her location so that they could conduct a full assessment and rectify the problem. The engineers were able to identify that the position of the aerial was the reason that Sarah struggled to get a signal on any of her favourite channels. To fix the problem the engineers relocated the aerial onto a longer pole and retuned Sarah’s television. After rectifying the issue, the engineers carried out further tests to ensure that Sarah’s system was fully operational and would remain in an acceptable state. We didn’t want her to have to call us again because the works carried out hadn’t completely solved the problem that she was experiencing.

What was the Result

Once the engineers completed the necessary works, Sarah’s reception was a thousand times better and she was able to start enjoying her favourite TV shows once again. The signal has remained stable and there have been no further issues that have caused a loss or reduction of signal. Sarah was said to be extremely please with both the quality workmanship and affordable prices that ADS were able to provide.

“ADS completed work to the highest standard and I am one extremely satisfied customer”


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Professional and affordable. Thank you.

— LAURA K, St Albans