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A previous client based in Ascot

Customer Name

Tina Morgan

Image OneWhat was the Problem

I had recently moved into a new home and I was shocked to find that throughout the property I couldn’t locate any aerial points for television sets. As an avid soap fan this was something that needed to be fixed, and fast. Furthermore, I wanted the flexibility of being able to have more than one television in my home, so I felt that more than one aerial point needed to be installed to meet my needs and offer me that additional flexibility.

What was the Solution

I came across ADS on Google and having read some reviews of the company they seemed to be a very trustworthy option, so I called them for advice immediately. The lady in the office was extremely helpful. She explained that rather than installing an aerial and various points around the property, it would be far more cost effective to install a satellite dish. I felt refreshed to know that ADS cared about my needs and weren’t simply interested in the option that would make them the most money. I was able to schedule an appointment for the next morning, so it wouldn’t be long before I was able to watch my favourite soaps and television programmes once again.

What was the Result

An hour before my appointment time I received a phone call from the engineers to let me know that they were on their way and would be with me on time. When they arrived I asked them to take a closer look at my property and the existing setup that was in place to confirm whether or not the satellite dish would be not only the most affordable option but also the one that would best suit my needs. Ben, the engineer, seemed very knowledgeable and didn’t pressure me into buying anything that I didn’t want – he explained everything in plain English and didn’t overwhelm me with unnecessary jargon. He also gave me some very helpful advice on audio visual sound systems and what would best suit my living space. I ended up asking them to install a satellite dish as I wanted Sky rather than Freeview. Luckily, they had all of the equipment to hand and cracked on with the job straight away. Ben also told me that I had a 12 month warranty on the satellite dish, so in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong I feel reassured that ADS will be back in a flash to help.

“The service was second to none. I am having Ben back next month to install the new sound system that he recommended. I will be spreading the word about your company to family and friends in the future. Thank you very much!”

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Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring