Is Aerial Installation Needed for Freeview TV?

If you want to access Freeview, you need an aerial. And while this might sound like bad news for those who finally want to upgrade, the good news is that you probably already have one. Almost all homes have some form of aerial already installed, and unless your house has never contained a television of […]

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How to Choose the Right outdoor TV Aerial for your Home

Buying the right outdoor tv aerial can be tricky and there’s a lot more to consider than just the price. When choosing your aerial you must think about everything from your home’s proximity to a transmitter to the terrain of your area. Generally speaking a larger aerial will provide more gain, so if you’re living […]

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Brill Brill Brill
They carried out the work the following day and Im soooooo pleased with their work.
Highly recommend this company. Well done!!! :)

— Francesca Sartori