Our home space has become more and more connected. Gone are the days when most homes just had a desktop computer and a landline phone.

Nowadays multiple laptops, tablets, smartphones and new smart technology like smart TVs and heating meters – all using a single wireless internet network – have become commonplace in homes across the country.

However, adding new devices can put strains on existing network capacities, and poor quality connections and modems can lead to a frustrating user experience.

Wireless Extension

Are you fed up of slow connections? Not getting the bandwidth you were promised by your broadband provider? Plagued by connections dropping in and out? Then contact us.

ADS Digital can make sure your home is always connected so the whole family can enjoy uninterrupted browsing and entertainment. And we understand how important a strong connection is for people working and running a business from home.

We install the latest computer network systems with brilliantly structured cabling systems. We employ specialist wireless systems to give you the optimum reception for your bandwidth using the latest Cat cable specifications or Fibre Optic Communication.

Wi-Fi Range Extender Installation

For large homes we can provide a number of solutions to extend your wireless network coverage including placing wireless extenders, putting in place an Ethernet over powerline to wireless range extender and Ethernet to Wireless Access Point (WAP) options, plus much more.

ADS can also install wireless access points to improve coverage and quality. We have years of experience of both domestic and commercial network solutions. Our local engineers deliver a quick, professional same-day service.

So no need to worry anymore about IDSN router numbers and finding out IP addresses or making sure the right cable is in the right port – ADS Digital will do the hard work for you and ensure you have the right long-term solution for your needs. Get in touch today with ADS today for any queries around access point installation in your home.

Very impressed with ADS Digital – punctual, EXCELLENT SERVICE plus very
good value, will be using them again!

— D.Brown, Tring