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Centralised TV & Sound System with TV installation Amersham

  • Project: Installation & Set-up of Samsung TV's with Sonos and Matrix System
  • Project Description: Centralised TV System with quality in-ceiling speaker network
  • Scope of Works: Planning, design, Installation and demonstration of TV and Sound System
  • Project Started: September 2018

Centralised TV and Sound Systems are extremely popular with our clients as they provide a clutter-free space with full control from a phone or SMART device. 

Our engineers can do everything for you. The specification on current televisions are so amazing it would be a shame to buy that new TV and not use it to it's full capacity. 

We can hang your TV, set it up, connect and programme all your devices as well set-up and demonstrate all of your internet based products such as Amazon Prime or Netfilx. 

On this particular project the client wanted to include a Sonos sound system with bearly visible 'in-ceiling' speakers that offer a range of sound quality to suit your audio preferences. These can be used in conjunction with your television for added effect or as a separate sound system for all your favourite tracks. Sonos is especially popular because of how user friendly it is and how well it sync's with other applications like i-tunes, Napstar or Spotify. You can use pre-existing play lists, building new ones or create a combination - the options are endless. Sonos works by zoning your music into areas so that you can play separate playlists within individual zones or play all the zones together should you be entertaining! 

Our matrix system M-Hub4x4  allows up to 4 devices (SkyQ1, SkyQ2, blue-ray player and Nintendo console - for example) to be viewed and controlled at up to 4 televisions across the property so that your TV areas are seamless, cable-less and clutter-free in up to Ultra High Definition quality. 

We love undertaking these types of installations as it really does excite the senses and make 'being at home' a real pleasure.

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