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Centralised Matrix TV System with Networking and TV Installation - Totteridge N20

  • Project: Centralised Matrix TV System with Networking and TV Installation - Totteridge N20
  • Project Description: Centralised TV system with Wall Mount in electronic casement
  • Scope of Works: Centralised TV Systems make for tidy installations, no visible cabling in Ultra High Definition with hard wired internet access
  • Project Completed: July 2018

Probably the most popular type of installation we are currently installing. 

Centralised TV systems are the way forward for so many reasons. Client's love the wireless space, no visible cabling which certainly makes any space more asthetically pleasing. So, not only do they look good, but they are far easier to maintain because all the system hardware is in one place. This makes part replacement or fault finding less time consuming especially when we send back the same engineer that built the system. 

We are also able to build in hard-wired internet connections via the centralised system which is required for SMART televisions and devices; especially if you like downloadable TV shows, applications or TV providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

Centralised TV systems with networking is now affordable and doesn't require a lot of space. It can be placed anywhere out of sight as long as the cabling design is effective. 

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