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Hamel Mansions - SkyQ Communal System Upgrade

  • Project: SkyQ Communal System Upgrade
  • Client: Residents of Hamel Mansions
  • Project Description: SkyQ Upgrade
  • Scope of Works: Upgrading Sky+HD Systems for the new SkyQ
  • Project Started: June 2018

Upgrading Sky+HD system to the newer SkyQ set up is very common now and is easily completed with the correct equipment and workmanship.

The good thing about the new SkyQ set up is that all the multi-room TV points are not hard-wired to the original communal system unlike Sky+HD. 

The SkyQ set up has reduced the need for extra large communal switches and endless cabling. All the multi-room SkyQ boxes are connected to the original 'silver' box only via a WIFI connection. 

However, if you want to take full advantage of the SkyQ multi-room set up, you'll need a strong WIFI or internet connection for seamless viewing. 

Is your WIFI or internet connection poor? Take a look at our WIFI and Access Points page for more information on how we can solve this for you. 

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