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External Access Points - Guildford, Surrey

  • Project: External Access Points
  • Project Description: External Access Points - enabling full wifi connectivity outdoors
  • Scope of Works: MESH Networking to increase Wifi connectivity across the property both internally and externally
  • Project Started: June 2018

Is your internet and wifi connectivity dropping out constantly or completely out of range? 

Do you enjoy working on your laptop outside or want to control your sound system in or from the garden? 

MESH networking is the way forward. At this property in particular our engineers were replacing a wifi plug-in system using two internal access points to increase range within the home and two external access points to provide range in both the garden and front of house area. 

The external access points are completely weather-proof so that you can enjoy full connectivity wherever you decide to access the internet or wifi reliant devices. 

It will change everything. Call us today for more information. 

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