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Communal Satellite Systems Installation

Are you based in London or Hertfordshire and looking for communal satellite dish installation? We can provide a TV network to a residential or commercial property that requires a much larger number of television outputs.

If you’re the owner of a block of flats or student accommodation, communal satellite dish installation is ideal if you’re looking to provide your tenants with a TV output. 

There are various types of systems available that include:

  • IRS - Integrated Reception Services
  • FIRS - Fibre Optic Integrated Reception Services
  • MATV and SMATV 

ADS Digital have exceptionally gifted systems engineers and a tendering department that will aid you in deciding which system is suited to your particular project if required. Contact us today on 0800 876 6258 or 020 3757 6167.

Why choose us to install your communal satellite system in London or Hertfordshire?

✔️ All our engineers have the CAI certification, along with DBS, so are fully trained and checked so can work with all clientele. We’ve worked with several organisations, including; NHS Hospitals,  Mental Health institutions, Care Homes and the HMS Prison Service; as well as private contractors such as Wilmont Dixon and Crest Nicolson. 

✔️  we are proud to offer a 12 month warranty, our installations are always completed to a high standard, so this gives you peace of mind too!
✔️ We are verified by ‘CheckATrade’ and have been vetted and monitored to meet the trading standards set in place. 

✔️ We are local engineers, so can come out quickly, and offer a same day service! We’ll be there within 24 hours to give you an accurate quote

✔️ Our prices are fair and reasonable. You won’t have any unforeseen costs and will know exactly what you’re paying before we begin your project

✔️ We clean up after ourselves! It’s always frustrating having to clean up after engineers, but we ensure we’re tidy and that you have nothing to do after installation, other than enjoy it!

✔️ We’re a family run business and have over 160 years of combined experience within the industry. 


What is a Communal Satellite System?

A communal satellite system is a centralised system where there are multiple aerials and satellites which allow for multiple connections for television services. This means that recipients in a hotel, block of flats, hospitals, residential area or other building housing many people, can access Freeview, international channels and connect their subscription services. There are a variety of options to choose from. Our expert engineers are experienced in installing the right satellite system for you and will be able to recommend the best service for your needs. When you contact us, we’ll be there within 24 hours to conduct a site survey and will be able to give you an accurate quote based on your needs!

We offer a number of communal satellite services in London and Hertfordshire, click on the links below to find out more:

  • IRS - Integrated Reception Services: This is a system which supplies a number of TV services to all dwellings in flats, a community or hotel.  This offers flexibility for users should they wish to have satellite TV (i.e. SkyQ) or international satellites. 
  • FIRS - Fibre Optic Integrated Reception Services: A similar system, but with the ability to transport more data over longer distances with no signal loss. This is easy to install and is compatible with all standard digital televisions and subscription services. 
  • MATV and SMATV: These connect a network of satellites to a single integrated cable signal for distribution, which means that large building complexes can have many televisions which can all watch up to 30 channels each.

If you do not know which service you need, our engineers are fully trained and very knowledgeable so will be able to recommend the perfect system for your needs.

Contact us today for an initial site visit within 24 hours. Here we will determine what your brief is, what your budget is, along with infrastructure, size, technology requirements and the audience. This will allow us to get a good picture of your needs and give you an accurate quote. What we quote is what you pay for, with no hidden costs. 

Communal Systems Installation

Communal installations begin with an initial specification, site visit or brief from the client; this is then developed according to budget, infrastructure, size, technology requirements and audience. We work extensively with the client to ensure our installations run smoothly, to budget and in a timely manner. We commit fully to all our projects seeing them through from initial design to commissioning and maintenance.

A contractor you can trust

We have an extensive client list that spreads throughout the public and private sectors including NHS hospitals, Mental Health institutions, Care Homes and the HMS Prison Service; as well as private contractors such as Wilmont Dixon and Crest Nicolson.

Our CAI plus registration means that our engineers are not just technically qualified by CRB checked which enables them to work amongst the more vulnerable clientele.  

The most important part of seeking a contractor to install a communal system is selecting one who not only excel at design and installation but who offer the aftercare services to match. A contractor you can trust on large installations is paramount; at ADS we take pride in our after-care service and believe our success to date is built on this reputation. 

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