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Fibre Optic IRS System (FIRS) Installation

Fibre Optic technology is now widely used for communal and commercial IRS Systems.

The huge advantage of using a Fibre Optic IRS System over the original copper coax is that it can transport a higher amount of data over much longer distances with no signal loss. This means less amplification equipment which in turn streamlines the system, set-up and efficiency. 

ADS provide high quality indoor, outdoor and cross-site fibre optic network installations that meet Network Cabling Standards, in the London and Hertfordshire area.

We have skilled Fibre Optic Splicer whom can terminate individual fibers as well as install pre-terminated cabling.

We use our extensive knowledge of FIRS communication to design efficient systems tailored to your project and network performance requirements.

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The installation of a FIRS System is really a specialist field. Our experienced systems engineers have been in the industry for years, so our client’s can rest assured that any installation we undertake with run smoothly and be of the highest quality.

The use of the FIRS system has become increasing popular for large residential or commercial building upgrades as well as new developments. This is mainly due to the vast number of services that can be transported over a single fibre cable and the zero signal loss over really long cable distances. 

The FIRS set-up can also be used in conjunction with standard coax to perfectly execute a balanced system whereby the signal is converted back from Fibre to coax at the backbone making upgrade and refurbishment possible. 

With zero signal loss - buildings with many floors or with restrictions on where roof equipment can be placed and cross-site architectural design - the FIRS system offers a clear solution.

Our Services

At ADS Digital we offer a number of fibre optic services as well as maintenance and repair provisions for:

  • Single mode and Multimode cabling
  • Discreet and efficient cable containment
  • Floor or wall mounted fibre patching racks, panels and leads
  • Network cabinet upgrades
  • Indoor and outdoor fibre optic installations
  • Cross-site fibre links between buildings
  • Splice and termination
  • Cable and termination failure repairs
  • Duct infrastructure repair

For more information on how a FIRS system could benefit your project, and for tendering services contact us today.


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