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With specific exceptions, most communal dwelling buildings are served with Integrated Reception Systems. This means that one system supplies a number of TV services such as Freeview, DAB & FM Radio, Sky+HD, SkyQ and foreign satellite services to all dwellings.

They vary in size and performance dependent upon a clients specification and if upgrading an existing system on the infrastructure available. 

Our experienced engineers undertake a detailed survey of the client’s specification in hand and design a system that provides the best services that suit the audience.



The roof equipment and distribution centre is known as the ‘Head End’ is built and often placed in a weather-proof location and then all the individual cabling from each dwelling is run back to the Head End. 

There is also a growing demand for foreign satellite installation within the IRS Systems. Modern IRS systems often include satellites such as Hotbird & Astra for European satellite channels or Eutelsat for international satellite channels. IRS systems are completely bespoke and can provide a number of options depending on how basic or complex a system needs to be. 

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