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We offer many years of experience in the design and build of commercial MATV and SMATV systems, ranging from complex hospital and hotel installations to offices and local businesses.

MATV (known as Master Antenna TV) are used to supply aerial signals to many receivers from one master aerial system. MATV systems are primarily used to supply terrestrial TV, however, MATV systems can also be used to distribute feed from CCTV cameras.

SMATV (known as Satellite Master Antenna) takes the same concept but extends MATV by also including services broadcast by satellite. SMATV systems are rarely used in residential set-ups as the method of converting digital signals is more complex because the system controls the number and range of channels available.



MATV and SMATV installations are economical commercial systems, which distribute both digital television and FM/DAB radio. In the case of SMATV installations this also includes selected satellite packages. 

Basic MATV and SMATV transmit signals from a central system point to help you manage the number and content of TV channels that are being accessed within your building.


We value the importance of an effective design that is tailored to your building, which will enable you to provide a top quality entertainment service to tenants or clients. 

We specialise in the efficient planning of all commercial systems and build our MATV and SMATV installations using the highest quality cabling and equipment. 

Our expert commercial engineers receive the latest industry training to keep them up to date with any new techniques and advancement in technology. 

ADS is also fully certified and insured to work with extreme heights. We can therefore complete complicated installations on all buildings and large complexes with confidence and thorough knowledge of health and safety.

Our commercial installation engineering services have been vetted and approved by the CAI, CSCS and SAFE Contractor Scheme. 

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